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Just curious what you're using and why you like it ...

I have the Apple Watch 6. It's cool. Nothing to rave about. I mainly track strength training, HIIT, walks and hikes. Only been swimming with it a few times. It pairs nicely with the Apple Health app. However, I don't use the Strava app on the watch. I like the way the Apple fitness options sync with Strava and doing a manual import vs auto. Just me.




I am fascinated by devices and love playing with new toys. The Whoop band and Oura ring are my newest experiments. Finding aspects of both services which I enjoy a lot. For example, the weekly and monthly reports Whoop provides are incredible. Never realized my health data could be analyzed to such a degree. However, I'm also finding aspects I don't enjoy so much such as how they both leave my wrist or finger sore after wearing for too long.

Wrist soreness is not a problem I have with the Apple Watch and when in doubt I always arrive back at that device as my go-to recording device. It's just so darn powerful. In particular, I enjoy tracking my weight lifting routine using the Fitbod app and tracking all of my outdoor activities using the WorkOutDoors app. I also use the Strava and Apple Workout apps as well, especially now that Workout activities can be automatically imported into Strava. When I'm in an unfamiliar area and want to follow a route, I'll use the Footpath app to receive turn-by-turn navigation. There's just so many things an Apple Watch can do.

When I'm out on my bike, I've got an Garmin Edge 530 that's a real trusty device. It works very well for competing on live segments and can keep me following a route. I've never had trouble with that bike computer and have grown to find Garmin devices very reliable. I've also been using a Garmin Forerunner 745 for running, but I almost find its feature set so deep that it's overwhelming. I'm not running often enough to master the device. I suppose that's motivation to get out there again.

To ride indoors, I've got a Wahoo Kickr bike that's worked very well. The brand new bike had to be replaced when I received it and the replacement is making the same whining noise the first bike made, but otherwise it's been a fantastic indoor trainer. I absolutely love how it inclines or declines as the elevation in the virtual world changes. Sure feels like riding a real bike. I ride with a Garmin chest strap HRM connected to the Wahoo Kickr Headwind fan so I stay cool. It's wild how the fan increases its speed the faster my heart rate goes.

I think that's about it!

Charles | Support Coordinator


Hey @Leaphart3 - I use a few different trackers depending on the activity type.  I use a Garmin Venu watch for most activities (running, hiking, soccer, rowing, swimming, etc.) - it measures HR and has great GPS accuracy, and syncs seamlessly with Strava.  For cycling, I have the Garmin Edge 1040, it connects to my power meter on my bike, and also has nice display features while cycling (along with navigation capabilities).