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Having a TERRIBLE Experience trying to change my Account Email Address


Hello Everyone,

I am having challenges changing the email address associated with my Strava account and I am at a point where I can go no further.

My name is Dave . I have been a user of Strava since 2014.  I am close to throwing in the towel and moving away from Strava completely.  I was actually planning on signing up for a Strava Premium account but with the current situation of getting absolutely no response from Strava Support I am rethinking that.

I need to change the email address associated with my account from an email to a email.

I know how one does this once a user is logged into their account.  We successfully changed my wife's email address and have hers working fine.  For 4 days I have been trying to change mine and I am absolutely stuck. 

I log in to my online Strava acct with my desktop running the latest software.  I hover over my profile photo in the top right corner of the page.  I select settings.  I then select account.  I go down the page to where it indicates [Change Email].  I enter the new email address and my existing Strava password.  I then receive the message indicating to go to my new email account and confirm the button in the email to verify account.  I did all of that just fine.  Then I receive an email (to me newly defined email address) indicating that my email has been changed as I requested.  Here is a cut piece out of that email:


[Hey Dave,
We received a request to change the email address associated with your account to [my new and correct email address]. If this was you, no action needs to be taken.]


From this email it appears that my email has been changed as requested to the new and correct address.

It wasn’t changed though! When I go to the Strava website I cannot login using this new email address and my existing password. I have to actually use my old email email address and my existing password to login to my account and I can log-in fine. Once in my account, the account still shows the old email email address as associated with my account! 

I again tried to follow the change email process. Doing this I get this message:

[Access to this account is temporarily suspended. Please try again later.]

So, I wait a day and try again.  Same thing.

So, I try the old-fashioned thing and submit a support request through the Strava Support page.  It leads me to an automated assistant that gives me articles that don't pertain to my situation.  I eventually get to a place to make an email support request.  I do that.  It asks me to login again through the Strava Support response email which directs me to hover over my profile picture again and click on "My Activity" where my support request is shown.  I do that!  My support request is shown there but it is listed as "SOLVED"!!!!!  I try to do a support followup to my support request email on that page and again get dragged through the Strava automated assistant.  NOTHING!

As you can imagine I am very frustrated with this "No Service" experience. 

My old email address is ending soon and I need to get this changed. I'm totally stuck and I am at a dead end. Can you PLEASE help me?  I'm about ready to give up.  It seems customer support at Strava has ended.  

Thank you for any guidance you can provide,



Moderator Moderator

Hey @StravaDave62
Thanks for your post and sorry to hear about your account issues. The Community Hub & Strava Support are two different platforms. The Hub is great for general questions and information while our Support team will handle questions that require the member to share personal account information, as in this case. We may also escalate to our Support team if a topic is highly complex or technical. 

I see you have an open support ticket with us, #2828685. Our Support Team will be able to help you resolve this issue. Please be patient and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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I concur with this @StravaDave62. Strava you have a lot of work to do in order to turn around brand loyalty. I’d suggest looking at your customer support team first.

Hey @StravaDave62
Thanks for the follow up. I took a look at your support tickets and found the following 4 tickets: 
ticket #2830077 came in on Tuesday (Feb. 27) 09:14 am
ticket#2830086 came it on Tuesday (Feb. 27) 08:15 am
ticket #2830077 came in on Tuesday (Feb. 27) 08:03 am

These tickets were merged into ticket #2828685 that was received on Feb. 25 02:11 pm. A support ticket can be new, open, pending, solved or closed. At this time, there is no merged option. 

Our system will automatically merge support tickets from a user if they come in within a short amount of time. We have found that some users will create multiple support tickets about a single issue, hence the merging of tickets. This is to ensure that we do not have more than one support agent working on different tickets that contains repetitive inquiries. 

Our Support Team aims to answer support emails as quickly as possible and we do offer expedited support for our subscribers. You should receive a response to your support ticket shortly. Thank you for your patience. 

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team