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Installation file (.apk) for wearOS 2.xx

Mt. Kenya

Hi everyone,

unfortunately Strava has ended the support for older smart watches with Wear OS 2.xx.
(Older? Hm... almost all smart watches except the new Samsung watches 😖)

I am using a Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS with wearOs 2.38 but the strava has still worked fine.
But I had to reset my watch because of a new cell phone.

Now I want to re-install also the strava app on my watch but I can't get the old strava app in the play store and I don't know any other source where I can download the installation-file.

I am very disappointed. I bought the chargeable membership because of the good usability, but now I can't use it anymore.
I don't need any support from strava for the app, but I want to use the old app like I did in the past two years.

Dear Community:
Can anyone please send me the .apk or can tell me how to install the old strava app on my ticwatch again?

Thanks a lot and best regards


Mt. Kenya

Your answer is very embarassing 😳😠

...and not acceptable for a paying member like me !

Hi Darkman78,

Thanks for your reply.  As of September, 2022, it is necessary to have Wear OS 3 on your watch in order to install the Strava App.  

A workaround you could consider in the meantime would be to record your activities with Mobvoi TicExercise, and then sync that data to Strava.   I see a post on the mobvoi forums which may be helpful.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

No, it is NOT necessary to have Wear OS 3 on my watch 😡
The old app still works fine on mobvoi watches (The only thing that is really necessary is the old installation file )

And the Mobvoi-TicExercise-App you have mentioned is useless. I want to use the old strava app. That is what I've paid for 😞


Hi Darkman78,

Thanks for your post.  Sorry to hear you had to reset your TicWatch.  Unfortunately it's not possible to install Strava on devices running Wear OS 2.xx

Our understanding is that Google will be bringing Wear OS 3 to more watches, hopefully before the end of 2022.  If your watch becomes eligible for the upgrade, Wear OS 3 is supported by Strava.


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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