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Linked to Viafit but not receiving info from Viafit

Mt. Kenya

I've linked my Strava account to my Viafit account, but workout info in my Viafit account is not being received by Strava. (FWIW, Viafit appears to be part of Egym.)

Big picture: I have a Matrix R50 stationary bike with an xID (Viafit) username. Workout info (particularly calories burned) is therefore recorded to my Viafit account. Ultimately, I want that data sent to my MyFitnessPal account so my daily diary would have data about calories burned through exercise.

MyFitnessPal does not play well (or at all) with Viafit/Egym, so it was suggested that I find an intermediary service to connect the two. Like an interpreter--one that speaks Viafit and one that speaks MFP. The concept: The interpreter gets info from Viafit, and then the interpreter sends that info to MFP.

According to online sources, Strava speaks both Viafit and MFP. I successfully linked my Viafit account to my Strava account. (Strava appears in the Viafit app under "Connected Apps." Slide the switch, which takes you to the Strava login page. Log in, and I'm told that I've successfully connected. I've also checked my Strava account on a web browser, and in Settings|My Apps, "Egym" appears there, and as I say, Egym is the same as Viafit.)

I've also linked MFP to Strava, doing a similar process in the MFP app. Strava on the web shows, in My Profile, that I'm connected to MFP. 

However, after a bike session, while I see the data in Viafit, nothing goes over to Strava. And as expected, therefore nothing goes over to MFP.

Any suggestions?



Moderator Moderator

Hello @KJIsaacson 

Thanks for posting about this. Neither Viafit or Egym have a Strava supported integration. Strava has  a publicly available API that hundreds of external developers use to integrate with Strava data. Questions about those integrations are usually better directed to the Developer/third party.

We do integrate with MyFitnessPal and we have some information on that here

You mention online resources you've referred to. If you can provide me with the URLs you are referencing, that may help me provide further assistance.

I would encourage you to review this article on how to get your activities into Strava, if you haven't already. It provides some general info that may be helpful.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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