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Live Segments, Cadence Data and No Duplication

Mt. Kenya


I think I know the answer to this is (not available/in the roadmap etc etc).

I have a speed/cadence sensor and HRM (all Ant+ and BT). Currently I record rides on my Garmin watch and it syncs to strava on completion.

I used to use Live segments back when strava supported cadence sensors.

Now I think the only way to have live segments and my sensor data is to record the activity on my watch as normal and ALSO start an activity on strava on my bar mounted phone. This will give me everything I need but will duplicate the activity?

Is there a solution? TIA


Mount Logan

Then you have to discard the Strava app activity after it is stopped instead of saving it.

Mt. Kenya

The watch s a Garmin Venu 2 so not directly compatible with Live segments unfortunately. 

Mount Logan

Depends on your watch. If it is listed in then you should see live segments on it. Garmin firmwares are very buggy in this regard though.

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