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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

When using the mobile app for running or cycling, one can cancel a live segment while approaching it, by tapping the map-toggle button. Sometimes, when I miss that opportunity I end up being stuck in a very long live segment, which blocks me from enjoying the shorter ones on the same route.

It would be great to have a way to cancel the chronometry of a live segment that is already ongoing.

Status changed to: Existing


when approaching a segment, or after you've entered into Live Segment mode, you can dismiss the segment and go back to the map or recording screen. Dismissing a segment will ignore that segment for the rest of the recording. To dismiss it, tap the map icon, (or the back button if you're on Android) to return to the map view. Note that if you have audio announcements enabled, audio announcements may continue for that segment even if it has been dismissed.
Pico de Orizaba

Hi Soren,

thanks for the answer.

In the meantime, I tested your suggestion during rides multiple times, and it does not work for me. (Android, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Strava version "307.8 (1230137)")

Dismissing a live segment only works for me when still approaching it, not after already having entered. The back button here behaves the same as the map-icon button, i.e., it switches from the map view to the stats view, but the live segment is still active in the map view, and other live segments are blocked from starting. The only way for me to get rid of an already-started live segment is to either finish it (ride to the end) or leave its path far enough for it to be discarded.

In the following Reddit discussion you can find more users verifying this:

So having an actual "cancel already-started live segments" feature would be great. 🙂

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for testing that out and for the additional details. My bad, I use a cycling computer and haven't used the live segments on the mobile app myself and I thought we had the option to dismiss a live segment after it had already been initiated. That being said, we've opened this idea up for voting!

Mt. Kenya

This is an issue/bug.  Strava needs to address this.

Users should have the ability to decide which segments they want to see live by staring.  

It's like someone else is controling what I see.  

I would like to know if this is being worked on by Strava .