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Status: Gathering Kudos

It would be really useful to enable the ability for your users to edit an activity they have completed.  Stats that could be added would include time, distance, elevation gain, heart rate, calories etc.

Sometimes we forget to start an activity but when we remember to add it we have to let it run for the whole duration so it records the time spent on that activity. For example today I did pilates, I forgot to start the activity, so I added it later but I only let it run for 6 seconds rather than the 45 mins thinking I could stop the activity, have it uploaded to my time line and simply edit the duration to 45 min. Sadly this does not seem possible. I'm sure other users would like to be able to amend their session so it can be adjusted to reflect time, distance and duration for other activities. So hopefully this makes sense and other users will find this feature equally useful. Thank you. 

Mt. Kenya

The ability to edit and crop and indoor activity is kind of a big flaw and frustrating. As others have said, sometimes we forget to turn off our Strava. It would be good to edit a three hour weight training down to the hour you actually did it. Deleting it, and adding it back manually loses all the heart rate and calorie data. Why can’t you just crop the activity like you can with an outdoor ride? This would be a major improvement. Doesn’t seem to be a heavy lift. Come on Strava. 

Mt. Kenya

Realmente o Strava deveria permitir a inclusão de distancia e outros dados em uma atividade interna quanto não há sensores de velocidade. Há opção de criar uma atividade manual, mas nela perde-se várias métricas como frequência cardíaca, dentre outras. Este é um pedido feito por muitos usuários e entendo que não deveria ser algo tão difícil de atender.

Mt. Kenya

When I record a stationary bike ride I am unable to enter the distance I biked after completing the activity. If I do manually add an activity I can, but I don't have any data from the actual workout.

Mt. Kenya

Not being able to do this makes strava useless, so may as well cancel my subscription and find an alternative that does allow for this.


By definition, if you rode a stationary bike you remained stationary and your distance traveled is 0. 

Mt. Kenya

Exatamente! O Strava deveria liberar a edição de atividade com inclusão de distancia. Não me parece algo tão complicado. Sem esse recurso eu realmente irei optar por não renovar a assinatura. Prefiro manter meus dados no TP ou Garmin, que permitem essa edição.

Mt. Kenya

@Andy_Tommo, não concordo. Quando utilizamos um rolo de treino inteligente, ele está parado, mas ainda assim, com um sensor de velocidade capta a distancia pedalada. 

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@Soren is there a way to edit the elevation gain manually if I forgot to input after saving the manual activity? or do I have to delete it and restart the entire entry?


Strava does currently allows us to manually add an Indoor Bike activity and input the mileage, but it does not allow us to add in the mileage to an automatically uploaded Indoor Bike Activity, which leaves the activity with a lack of mileage information. This results in bad data when it comes to weekly/Monthly mileage goals in cycling. When completing a workout on most indoor spin bikes, the total mileage is calculated on the spin bike computer and a Workout Summary is given. Clearly this data is not imported from the spin bike to the apple watch or phone (where the activity is recorded), but we should have an option to “Edit Activity” in Strava once the activity is imported.

Under "Edit Activity", there is no option to add the mileage to an automatically uploaded indoor bike activityUnder "Edit Activity", there is no option to add the mileage to an automatically uploaded indoor bike activity

Mt. Kenya

We should be able to manually edit the time and distance for a completed activity. This way if you're on a treadmill and the uploaded info is wrong, or if you accidentally started the watch a few minutes late, your activity and all the metrics you paid for can be more accurate.


Mt. Kenya

Very much need this function. When I'm on my uprightbike at the garage I want to add the distance later because it's not being synced from Garmin Connect after I added it within Garmin Connect. So please let us edit the distance or sync the edited data from the Garmin Connect App even after the activity is already posted to Strava.

Mt. Kenya

Agreed. This would also be helpful, for example, if your watch died mid-activity. Having to manually upload to add distance is a bit of a pain- what if users could just add on the distance they did at the pace they know that they were going at on the activity itself? That would make it so much easier

Mt. Kenya

Please add this.  It is frustrating to do Indoor Cycling and miss the most important piece of information...miles.

Mt. Kenya

I agree, this is really frustrating. I sometimes add it in as a manual activity but you lose other data by doing that like heart rate etc. 

Mt. Kenya


I hate losing the data from my Garmin bc I would rather see mileage and seeing two rides is weird to record mileage and then the stats of power, heart rate, etc.

Adding mileage to INDOOR RIDE type is great since you already can on a manual ride.

Or Friday the upload from Garmin to Strava as a setting to allow it to be manually pushed over.