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Status: Gathering Kudos

Most cyclists think in terms of kilometres. Most runners in the UK and US think in terms of miles. My thinking is with the most, so I have my Garmin set to display kilometres cycling and miles running. But Strava forces me to choose one or the other. This poses me a problem: as a cyclist I do not understand how far or fast a ride is when distance and speed are expressed in miles, while as a runner I do not understand how far and fast a run is when distance and pace are expressed in kilometers! Please could you fix it so that I can display my rides in kilometers and my runs in miles, just as I do on my Garmin. Thanks!

Mt. Kenya

@Gdupont Yes that would definitely be a great improvement so if that’s the way Strava choose to go I’m behind it for sure.

My feeling is on the fly feed switching of units would be extra useful but a luxury. 

Come on Strava let’s sort this!

Mt. Kenya

This bugs me so much!! It would be such a simple fix as it is a simple conversion table.

i want running and cycling distance in miles. Swimming distance in metres and elevation in metres. Garmin does this easily, yet Strava is so one dimensional. Come on!!! 

Mt. Kenya

Is anyone from Strava reviewing these messages? It’s starting to feel like we’re shouting into a black hole!


Even within a single activity type I would love to be able to change the unit of measurement. For a long run I would want miles but for a track workout I want meters.


Swimming in yards is absolutely ridiculous for UK users.  Is there a single swimming pool left in the UK that is in yards?  Currently users who want miles for cycling have to have yards for swimming.  Ridiculous!!!

Mt. Kenya

Come on Strava - this is basic stuff. Garmin allow you to do it, please just allow to individuals to choose units for specific activity. Nobody swims in yards in the UK and it’s a real bugbear for so many athletes/triathletes and it’s so easy to make it happen. 

Mt. Kenya

I would also like this feature.  I prefer running in miles and swimming with meters. 
Thank you