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Status: Gathering Kudos


When you check one of the segment's leaderboards, you see your position compared to the others, but it could also be nice to show it in the form of an histogram (frequential distribution of the times of everyone and where you stand in there).

Adding one histogram inside of each leaderboard (or at least the "All" one) would provide interesting information on if you're part of the most common times or no.

We already have such information in the Local Legend feature, with an histogram showing the number of efforts.

Here is an example of what it could look like: 



It is important to me because I don't feel it's enough to know if I'm in the Top X people of the segment, I would also like to know where most of the people stand and see where I stand in this gaussian distribution.

Thanks you for reading. (The paragraph below is for devs and maths people).

Implementation thoughts :

The Y axis would of course be the number of ahtletes, but for the X axis it's a bit harder.

It could be seconds per seconds, but that would make a lot of bars. So maybe say that one bar represents all the people in an X seconds range, with X being a percentage of the segment time.

And then decide what should be the segment time for this calculation (KOM, Average, Max...), see which one gives the most readble results.


Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

​​Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting. I must remark that it is incredibly well written, we appreciate the screenshots and additional information!

Mt. Kenya

Strongly agree!! I'm very curious about the distribution of athletes' personal bests for a given segment, both in terms of seeing where my PR falls but also just in general - how peaked/spread out is this segment's distribution, etc.

It's a huge bummer that the leaderboard API endpoint is no longer available, or else I'd try my hand at making a simple app to visualize the leaderboard as a histogram.

I'm very grateful to Servan for mocking up an example histogram in your great writeup! And I really hope Strava will add this visualization.