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I'm looking for a way to have these statistics included with my runs on strava.

I use strava to record my running and view statistics which is great.

First I started using the strava Apple Watch app but it didn't include these extra statistics. I know for example Garmin watches can sync these data to strava running activities, but don't want to buy a new watch and wondered if this is also possible with my Apple Watch. I found out that the workout app on iOS 16.1 and Apple Watch 9.1 includes this data, but not all data is synced to strava .

Is this already on the roadmap or hopefully a good idea to add :)?

Kind regards



UPDATE FROM STRAVA (March 18, 2024)

Hello and thank you to everyone who has added their comments and feedback to this topic.

First, we want to say that we appreciate you all reaching out on this matter and sharing your thoughts. We absolutely understand the value of having as much of your activity data on Strava as possible, and how many of our athletes use an Apple Watch to record that data. We do want to let you know that we are committed to improving both the Strava Watch app experience and the integration we have with the Apple Workout app (Healthkit). 

Our team is pushing forward to streamline and improve the user experience with the Strava watch app, making recording and syncing activities easier for athletes. We are also investigating how best to bring over more data from Healthkit to Strava, particularly with the releases of watchOS 9 and watchOS 10. 

We will continue to work towards these goals and monitor this thread. Please be on the lookout for improvements to the Apple Watch experience in the coming year. 

Mt. Kenya

Sorry Strava, but this topic is ridiculous! Why is it such a thing to Import Data like Power/Cadence from an Applewatch? 

Mt. Kenya

Strava, you need to implement this asap. I need the data from Apple Watch from my bicycle rides (Power, Cadence) to be uploaded to Strava. I get completely different Power estimates from power meter throu Apple Watch than Strava estimates. I am very likely to drop the service if this is not added and just use Apple Watch  and Activities as inaccurate data is useless to me. Fix this please 

Mt. Kenya

Four years later and no movement, but a subscription that costs twice as much? I’d have thought this was core functionality. 


Today, Apple showed off & released watchOS 11 beta, and we still don’t have the Health metrics from 9 or 10…

Mt. Kenya

2024-06-07 ended my subscription and I will not continue it until strava add these features. At the moment I will use another app and upload it to strava. 

Mt. Kenya

I would really appreciate an update on this topic! Thank you for bringing it up!

Mt. Kenya

+1 common Strava! Apps for $1-5 can do it, but your app not. 

Mont Blanc

Quite disappointing that Strava team did not jump on this opportunity a decade ago when Apple Watch first came out.