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Status: Gathering Kudos

I run a lot of the same local segments repeatedly but I'm very rarely trying to beat my Personal Record - I'm also never going to trouble the KOM spots! But, I really enjoy segments as a feature and like to check how my efforts stack up against my past efforts.

My idea to make segments more useful and fun for me and athletes like me is that Strava could track and display my average time over all my efforts on a segment. I could then see if I'm improving my general speed over the segment without having to go all out to break my PR. Would be great to filter it by "this year" vs. "all-time" or similar. It would also be good to see how my average has changed over time on a line chart somehow.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting. 
FYI we have a similar feature but it applies to the overall activity level, called Matched Activities.


Ah yes, Matched Activities is pretty similar - I like that too! My thinking is that at a segment level you get that sort of data without necessarily running the same activity. But I guess I also see the issue that by benchmarking segment efforts you'd be ignoring the fact that you might be doing a fast run one day then a slow recovery run another day - but still it would be interesting to track at that level.



Maybe I missed your point but you can see your segment times in a graph already? I'm not sure average time makes sense as it can be massively swayed by outliers, maybe median time to show what speed you go half of the time?


@VikKYou're right, you can definitely get an idea of the trend in your time from the graph of all your efforts. I also see your point about mean vs median. I think my idea is about making segments more of a useful/fun way to track progress without having to run identical routes.

Mont Blanc

Average time on a segment for all users, and average time on a segment for yourself.

For example, you have been on a segment 50 times instead of seeing the graph with all your time see the average time