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As I'm sure many others do, I make use of the mileage tracking on my running shoes through STRAVA, but for the consideration of this group, would it also be worth the effort to include the ability to track mileage on a set of tires for a given road bike, hybrid, MTB, etc.?   This is something of a rabbit hole as tire types can wear differently based on rubber compound, average speed, terrain, etc., so it would just be a rough estimate on when to replace your tires.

Similiarly, does anyone think a time-based metric for replacing gear is worthwhile?  As my physical therapist reminds me, the foam used in running shoes continuously breaks down over time, regardless of use.  So even if it's a pair of "race" shoes that only see but so much activity, a STRAVA reminder that they may be past their prime in 18 months (regardless of current mileage) could be useful.  Same logic would apply for bicycle tires.


Like you, I also get reminders when I hit 250 miles on my running shoes (you can setup notifications for shoes starting at 250 miles and up in increments of 50 miles - but I rarely run past 200 miles before retiring my shoes), I also do like the idea of lifespan for all kinds of gear (tires, chains, cassettes, etc.) that you could get notifications on.  I would like age as an option as well on the gear (again, particularly shoes and helmets)

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Pico de Orizaba

I do not have running shoes 😁 but as I use the part list list for my bike I agree having an reminder option for chains, brake pads, chain rings, cassettes.... would be usefull.

would be useful for bike like maintenance of forks which is in hours


Aside from gear "time since taken out of their box" as you suggested, I'd be interested in seeing time spent using gear. How many hours have I worn a particular pair of shoes (as logged on Strava)? Shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

Mt. Kenya

Please add mileage alerts to all gear, not just shoes. I'd like to get an alert to re-wax my chain after 250 miles, just like my running shoes.