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Status: Gathering Kudos

Big fan of the service so please just see this as some customer feedback that I wanted to share.

My annual subscription was recently auto renewed. Nice and easy. I received by email from PayPal the receipt as proof of purchase but nothing from Strava to verify this.

1. It would be nice for Strava to email me and tell me that my subscription is up for renewal

2. It would be nice to get an email confirming the successful renewal and be thanked. I'm investing my money in you. Treat me like a customer you're grateful for please.

A small thing, but things like that matter to me



Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Moderator Moderator

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have moved your idea regarding Subscription renewals to our Feature Suggestion board, so that others can also vote on your idea. Feel free to edit it to fine tune any details and add a label or tags. We kindly ask that you review our Feature Suggestions guidelines, particularly the “What makes a good idea” section, to ensure that your ideas are clear, concise, and can reach as many others as possible.

Thank you for your contribution, we value your input.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Pico de Orizaba


I'm an annual subscriber because I value the service Strava provides, yet I don't really use any feature of Premium, I subscribe simply to support. But I don't feel that Strava much cares if we subscribe or not.

Also user perks (partner coupons essentially) seem pretty well US centric and not worthwhile otherwise.

I know others who take their sport much more seriously than I do, and they see no value in an annual subscription.

Mt. Kenya

It's always a good idea to get confirmation from Strava when your annual subscription gets auto-renewed. I personally haven't received an email notification from Strava about my renewal, but I do get an email from my card provider.