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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

Hi Strava and the Strava Community. 

This may have happened to you, you have put your best effort in to gain a KOM or QOM only to find that you are second, but second to someone who was assisted in some way. We all know how E-Bikes now have their own category as the purists who use completely human power to get their achievements didn't want to share a results table with those with assistance. 

I know how you feel, well imagine that you have no lost your KOM/QOM to a runner or cyclist who has DOG POWER pulling them along. These dogs can get runners around 5km in times that only Mo Farah can dream about, we have broken the 13 minute barrier for 5km at Parkrun. On the bikes they can be even quicker and also cross country and uphills see substantially quicker times due to the dog assistance. 

We only ask for 3 new sub categories to be created under the Run category a sub group of CaniCross, under bike 2 new categories, CaniBike and CaniScoot. Each will have the same features as the normal, but it allows our times and KOMs to be recorded separately and not skewing the pure results, ParkRun enabled this facility to list run as assisted, can STRAVA do the same. 

I have asked this of Strava many times, its top of a suggestions list on the Strava support page with 50% more votes than the second suggestion.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you can support this feature request and allow the good times to roll again without these **bleep** dogs skewing your results.

Tight lines and Hike On.

Mt. Kenya

I would love to be able to differentiate my stats between my dog-hindered and dogless runs.

Mt. Kenya

I would LOVE a bikejoring category! Being able to differentiate my own data for when I'm biking solo of joring would make my brain so so happy

Mt. Kenya

Leaderboards for dogs would be superb. I tracked runs with my dog in description/private note and sum this up from Strava CSV data export and almost half of my activities were including a dog, 80 activities, over 700k.


Mt. Kenya

It would be great to see Dog-powered sports because the pace is a little quicker than the non-dog-powered alternative. Also this would allow athletes to track their dog's mileage separately.

1. 'Canicross' under the foot sport category (with mileage counting towards total run mileage)

2. 'Skijor' under the winter sport category (with mileage counting towards total Nordic ski mileage)

3. 'Bikejor' under the cycle sports category (with mileage counting towards total bike mileage)

Mt. Kenya

That would be a great addition to Strava.  


Come on Strava, do keep up! There are thousands of us out there, competing, running for training, and running socially with dogs. Canicross and it's related activities are huge sports worldwide, with their own championships and events. 

The lack of awareness of this, and/or the unwillingness of Strava to recognise these sports is cheesing off a lot of people, both those who run/bike/scoot/mush, and those who run unaccompanied. Please don't gaslight the canisports community by telling us that it's down to us to keep our activities private. Please just do the decent thing and add the canisports categories.

Mt. Kenya

This would be incredibly useful - canicross is a totally different sport to running, as is bikejor and scootjor. Just being able to tag that your dog was with you would be helpful too.   

Mt. Kenya

It would be awesome if Strava would invest the handful of development hours it would take to at least add the dog tag. This version of the request has been open for more than a year without updates. Strava prices go up, Strava value goes down. Not a good formula.

Mt. Kenya

Strava prices go up, Strava value goes down. Not a good formula.

Laid out perfectly by DOM  .

Please just add a canicross activity, it can literally be identical to the Running one - just another name. Copy and paste.

Skijoring similarily gets mixed up with e.g. cross country skiing.

Mt. Kenya

Oui, je trouve que cela manque aussi.

Il y a l'option VAE pourquoi pas mettre aussi les entrainement ou course avec animal VTT, canicross...

Mt. Kenya

Yet another person who would love to have this feature added.  My dog is now old enough to run (canicross) with me and she'll probably do about 1/3 of my runs with me.  When I run with her I move 1 minute+ per mile faster.  Would be really great to be able to track this differently.

Mt. Kenya

Asked for this years ago and came back to start a new convo, and of course there’s a lengthy thread that’s basically been ignored for years. C’mon Strava, this should be a really simple change to make.

Signed, a software engineer and long time user (going on 10 years now).

Mt. Kenya

I was not very active but started to get into running through canicross, I would say about 80% of the activities I log are dog powered. Since starting canicross and joining Strava I've expanded into Bikejor skijor and kicksledding, and do all of those activities and more through Strava. Strava is a great platform for both encouraging social atmosphere and tracking progress and effort. Strava could be a leader in this sport as I have explored other fitness tracking platforms that also do not address these sports. There are opportunities for dog sport challenges and incentives that could be done through Strava. I would definitely pay extra for dog powered sports to be on Strava and better yet the ability to tag or track different dogs!

Mt. Kenya

Canicross please...and ski jouring and bike jouring!

Mt. Kenya

I'm just adding my voice in here to say that it would be great to have canicross as an option! I don't have the circumstance where my dog makes me faster, but would still love the option to track the runs where my dog is with me separately.