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Status: Existing

Hi currently we are able only the unable part’er integration on Stavra but not to delete totally the link. Unfortunately in many cases we are not able to delete the link via the 3rd party apps meaning some kind of a link is still valid if unable. We should be able to delete this integration from Strava directly and not only to disable it.

thank you for your consideration 

Status changed to: Existing
Moderator Moderator

Hello @Artephil 

Thanks for posting about this.  Partner Integrations on Strava refer to activities in the feed associated with certain services of our partners. These integrations highlight unique stats or visuals which may include an image from the partner and a default activity title. You can manage all partner integrations using the mobile app or on the Strava website under Settings > Partner Integrations 

Partner integrations settings do not disconnect the third party App or prevent it from syncing to your Strava account.

You can disconnect Stava from any third party Apps by choosing Setting>My Apps.  From there you can select the "revoke access" button next to any Apps you want to disconnect from your Strava account.  

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Hi Jane

thank you for the feedback and I knew this process nevertheless as you will see in both print screens attached some of the partners on my account are disabled but I cannot find them under my apps to revoke them which for me make no sense (Tacx, rewire, my whoosh,...). I should be able to revoke them also from Strava. I did either delete the account from the 3rd party or disconnect Strava from the 3rd party but it still visible on my partners.

what is the solution to revoke them for good?Apps.jpgPartner.jpg



I really hope Strava will consider deleting any link to partner integration. I don't feel that my data are safe and still not paired with 3rd party even if I disable it. For me when you revoke the access of an apps, the 3rd party should be deleted also. I don't get why you can disable/enable an apps you don't want anymore and have been revoked.