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Mt. Kenya
Status: Archived

I think it would make a great feature if segment achievements would appear on leaderboard even with map turned off and activity set to private or just friends only, like if there would be another privacy setting just for segments. I'd like to compete or measure with others, but I don't like the idea of putting nearly all activity stats and its route for everyone to see ...


If you mean a "virtual" position of your private rides segments efforts in the overall leaderboard then this was suggested before:

An official rank with private rides should never be allowed because nobody could check your activity for wrong activity types or bad gps data then.


Status changed to: Archived
Moderator Moderator

Thanks for sharing this suggestion to create private achievements. This idea was already requested in the Ideas board, here. We will be archiving this suggestion to keep the forums organized, ensure that suggestions are easy to find, and prevent votes from being divided across duplicate posts. Don’t forget to show your support by clicking on the kudos button and adding a comment to the thread.

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