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Status: Gathering Kudos

Offer discounts to K-12 teachers not just students, expand your student discount to middle school. Shouldn’t have to explain why we should grant discounts to military personnel.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea to expand the subscription discount to military personnel, K-12 teachers and middle schoolers. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

Why is it necessary to have a "vote" for a military discount?  Less than 1% of US citizens serve in the military at any time in their lives.  And in most countries the percentage is even lower.  You give a 50% discount to students who, in most cases, haven't sacrificed anything for anyone else in their short lives!  Is this too much to ask?  

Mt. Kenya

I completely agree. I really love riding, and as an active duty service member most of my friends do as well. They're already having a hard time making ends meet with their pay gaps. It's fun to compete on segments with them, but it sucks when they're can't even afford to subscribe to get on leaderboards.

Mt. Kenya

I brought this up to them earlier this year and stravas response was hope you are a student instead.  Lets get this done Strava! 

Mt. Kenya

This is honestly why I ended up canceling my membership. For the longest time I just thought no one got a discount. However, I can't understand or get behind and origination that won't spend behind our active service members.... It wasn't a big deal until I found out that they offered a discount to support college students... Why college but not or service members.... Makes me question what the values of the corporation is...

Mt. Kenya

I support discounts to those who serve, but for me this includes (underpaid) educators (K-12 and post-secondary) as well as active military personnel and first responders.  Student discounts are sound as well - students are not wealthy, and by joining Strava at a young age they may make a habit that will benefit Strava in the long run. 

I love Strava and want it to last.  There are other revenue streams that should be considered, including ads on the free tier.

Mt. Kenya

6 months later.. Guess the moderation team voted no 🤣 thank you college kids for your service 

Mt. Kenya

I was looking if there were any ways to lower the cost of my Strava membership and came across this thread and I can’t agree more! I am a teacher. Of first graders. And have 4 kids of my own. Running, etc is my mental health outlet. I LOVE the Strava premium membership and got it at first for a discounted price from the original $59.99 it was. And I became addicted to it. Then the price increased and I didn’t get a discount again. On a teacher’s salary who commutes to work in a large SUV plus to ball games with the scarily increasing cost gas and food and  of EVERYTHING, I am looking to see where I can cut expenses so I can continue those important trips to the grocery store. Sadly, Strava is on the list of things that will probably have to be cut and it saddens me. I wish educators received a discount like college students. Exercise is great for your mental health and teachers don’t get much support in that area and we NEVER get discounts anywhere. I would LOVE TO SEE STRAVA ADD TEACHERS, MILITARY, and FIRST RESPONDERS/ NURSES to a discount option! 


Strava, where are you on providing military discount? As a veteran, biking is an outlet I use for maintaining my positive mental health. Strava offers me a community of great people and a way to connect with people on the trail. With the latest price increase to $79.99 is a bit of a hit. If you want you can contact as they are away for military/healthcare worker/teachers can sign up and get verified. Let’s work together to find a solution! 

Mt. Kenya

Come on Strava!

Sign up with and get it done!

Mt. Kenya

Well, I been waiting since March on any news. Are we getting an answer this year? 



Mt. Kenya

So…is Strava just gonna stand us up on this topic?

Mt. Kenya

TBH I bet they never give the military a discount after they got in trouble for showing troop locations. They are all butt hurt and it shows. Can't really blame them. 

Mt. Kenya

Add first responders/firefighter/policeman!

Mt. Kenya

Come on Strava, do the right thing and offer military and veterans a discount