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Status: Gathering Kudos

Offer discounts to K-12 teachers not just students, expand your student discount to middle school. Shouldn’t have to explain why we should grant discounts to military personnel.

Mt. Kenya

TBH at this point it’s not going to happen. I have started looking for a decent replacement.

Mt. Kenya

I was looking at subscribing for a few features that I don’t get with my Garmin, but if they can’t offer military/veteran discount I won’t end up subscribing as Garmin provides most what I need.  This would be a nice to gave and I’d be willing to pay 50% of the cost if that was offered based on what they charge students.  I can’t justify the full price for only 1-2 features im missing.

Mt. Kenya

I sent a message the other day and was told to follow this thread and give it a like. Little did I know It was brought up almost a year ago and still nothing from Strava!!  

It is obvious at this point Strava doesn't give a **bleep** about military folks who have sacrificed their lives for this country or Teachers who try their best to educate our youth.