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Pico de Orizaba
Status: New Idea

When I look at the activities of other people, I see whether someone has improved segment times, set a top 10 time, set a KOM time or whether this person has become a local legend of a segment.

When I look at my own activities, I only see a trophy on the web with the number of my improved performances and whether I have driven a KOM or top 10 time. In the App, instead of the trophy, gold/silver and/or bronze medals of improved segment times are visible. If I become a local legend for a segment, I cannot see this.

People who follow me will see this. They clearly see "Sander has just become the Local Legend of segment X".

Now I can see in the app and on the website under my profile that I am a Local Legend on several segments, but why is that not visible to me in the activity where I became this, while followers do see it?
Why is the laurel crown not visible next to the KOM, top 10 and medailles icons?

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Pico de Orizaba

I think its because KOMs, trophies and medals have priority over laurel wreaths. On the ride below, i only had 2 silver medals, but the laurel wreath appeared first. I think there is some sort of hierarchy where the most impressive achievements appear more to the left and if you have a bunch of other achievements, local legends status will not be shown. Also if the laurel wreath does not show up on your activity, it could still appear on your profile page in your segment achievements. I hope this helps, best of luck.