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Mt. Kenya

Yes! Good for those folks, but I don't necessarily want to see an update about somebody's "90s Rock Ride".

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Hey @peacay can you please review our Feature Suggestions guidelines, particularly the “What makes a good idea” section, and add some more information to this idea? We'd like to know why this is important to you and what value it would add.

Thank you!


@peacay  I will help you out with @Soren 's request for more detail...

As a strava user since 2013 I can tell you that the concept of virtual rides have completely overhauled the industry and resultingly have made a tremendous impact on how people are using strava.

With the proliferation of virtual services (zwift and peloton being two of the popular ones), it only makes sense that strava integrated with them for a few reasons. It's what the masses demand, it brings an additional user base to strava, and it is a very legit form of training, even utilized by many pros. 

However, along with those changes have come a major shift in the activity feed for strava users. 

Whereas my feed used to have an occasional indoor activity from time to time, these new virtual activities now comprise a huge percentage of my feed.

From the perspective of a primarily outdoor athlete, these virtual activities are fundamentally different

With NO disrespect meant to the athletes or their efforts, I believe many outdoor athletes find the indoor activities in their feeds to be: less interesting, less inspiring, less unique. By extension, those activities become more like "noise" or clutter. 

There are certainly exceptions. For example, I follow an athlete who posts zwift rides in the 6-12 HOUR range, covering hundreds of miles. That's inspirational to me. 

However, the majority of virtual activities (again zwift and peloton being my example) all start looking the same. The zwift rides all look similar, with the watopia route and the cartoonish video game screenshots. Again - no offense intended, I think its a great tool, and I don't blame any of my strava friends for using it, but to me the video game world is a bit of a turnoff. Likewise the peloton rides all have the similar cover shots of the instructors, and no route to see.

As these virtual activities fill the feed more and more, it diminishes the overall user experience for someone who is not interested in such activities. 

One option would be to mute or unfollow athletes who do those activities. In the case of an athlete who ONLY does virtual, that would make sense.

However, a big percent of users I follow do both virtual and outdoor stuff. I don't want to miss their outdoor activities. Additionally, I might be interested in viewing their virtual activities on a case by case basis. For example, I follow a pro (or otherwise great athlete)... I want to see how he trains, so I go to his individual feed to see all his activities. I would want the option for virtual activities to NOT be hidden on the individual athlete feeds.

Now, going back to my point of virtual vs outdoor being fundamentally different, I must explore the potential negative ramifications. If we give the option to mute one or the other (indoor/outdoor), does that then open the door for muting individual sports? Or categorically muting athletes for other reasons? Personally I don't think so.

First, I don't think strava should or would ever implement something that would allow us to mute a "class" of athletes based on - for example - gender, age, etc. When it comes to individual sports, I could see some potential value of it (for example swimmers who only want to see swims), but I don't think its really in-demand or necessary at this point. I also think filtering strava into individual sports would negatively impact the strava community by fragmenting it too much. Instead, athletes can primarily control their feed based on which athletes they follow. 

Again I must emphasize, this in no way devalues the virtual athletes or their efforts. Virtual activities aren't going away EVER at this point, and there are more than enough virtual athletes to sustain communities on their own (and they do). This is a matter of user experience. 

A toggle switch to mute virtual activities could perhaps be placed on the Account >> Display Preferences page.

Mt. Kenya

Just to carry on from Eric's post...

Strava is so popular now that my feed is crammed with walks, yoga sessions, weights sessions, and lots of activities that I have no interest in seeing.  I could remove these people as 'friends' but then I wouldn't see when they do something (in my opinion) worthwhile.

I'd like the ability to automatically remove activities as follows:

1. Any outdoor run/bike under a predetermined speed.

2. Any indoor run/bike under a predetermined speed.

3. Any outdoor run/bike under a predetermined distance.

4. Any indoor run/bike under a predetermined distance.

5. Any activity type that I'm not interested in (ie. Weights, walking, yoga, etc...)

I'm sure there are more filters that could be thought up but the 5 listed above would mean that I only see interesting activities in my feed.  I can see from comments on various forums that this an improvement in great demand.


Mt. Kenya

I have friends who do a number of different types of activities. Im really interested in seeing their cycling and running activities, but have no interest in seeing walks, or manual/ indoor activities like yoga or gym. It would be good if I could select the type of activities that are shown in my feed - given that I am a premium member!

This could also be extended to optimising my feed - like choosing to only see cycling activities over 10km.... or being able to turn of virtual activities etc. 

Mt. Kenya

I've submitted this a feature request multiple times going back years. It's basic filtering Excel has been doing for decades. A programmer could knock this out in a week, easy. I have to assume Strava simply doesn't want to add this feature, though I can't figure out the reasoning. I've had to unfollow, or now mute, people because they put multiple dog walks, lawn mowing, gym activity, etc, that just clutters up my feed. Fix this glaring hole in your feature set, Strava!


Hi Tailwind Tanya, 

Thank you for your posting about this.  We have a couple of existing idea submissions closely related to your idea, and it would be helpful to have you join those conversations and provide your feedback.  Those are here and here.  

Mt. Kenya

What Eric and Aerialdan said 👍


As a new commuter I feel like I am spamming everyone's feed with 10 mile rides to and from work. My garmin auto uploads to Strava so next to no interaction from me. Was looking here to suggest and idea.

If specified start point and specified endpoint = yes, then mark as commute and don't add to everyones feed.


Above ideas are probably better as mine only solves my particular requirement.

Pico de Orizaba

Also agree with what @eric and @Aerialdan have suggested.

To @Richard , I try to "throttle my spam" activities on STRAVA by muting them once they've uploaded (this option is only available through the app btw).  If someone is keen to see everything I've been doing, those 5 mile gear checks on my bike, gym sessions, HIIT, etc., will still be on my profile but won't populate anyone else's feed.  This is another feature that probably doesn't get the awareness it should.

Mt. Kenya

@MattS_bsb Yes, I should do that but got lazy saving straight from the garmin.