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Mt. Kenya

The ask in this thread has nothing to do with editing, either by muting or making visible only to the person that owns the activity. It is a request to Strava to allow users of the Strava app, the ability to filter what activity types show up on their feed. 

I firmly believe that Strava has no idea how to make this happen or for some unknown reason do not want to offer this option.


This is the kind of spam that seriously needs to be able to be filtered out and/or collapsed into a single post:

Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 01.09.27.png

With a “Mute by Default” toggle, we could also opt to mute our own notices of challenges joined.

Mt. Kenya

As many my feed is now overcrowded. I really would love filtering out indoor cycling or commuting.

About commuting, sending a weekly recap would reduce flooding. 

Mt. Kenya

Great idea. Getting a bit fed up of “athletes” using Strava like a  diary and uploading every activity of their lives, cutting the grass , off to the shop for a baguette. These people need to stick to Facebook , instagram if they feel they aren’t being hugged enough. 

Mt. Kenya

Any updates on this? The signal to noise ration in my feed is terrible. Most of what I see these days is Peloton rides (multiple posts per person per session) and challenges that friends joined, sometimes more than five stacked on top of each other. So much scrolling to see activities that I like to give kudos to and motivate me to get faster.

Mt. Kenya

Please, please, please allow paid subscribers the ability to choose what activities are displayed on their feed by allowing us to filter by activity type. A pretty simple ask. I do enjoy seeing friends cycling activities, but little else. Why they insist on clogging my feed with their boring daily routines, yoga, elliptical, grass cutting etc. is a mystery to me.

Mt. Kenya

Having lots of friends on Strava might not only be a good thing. Having lots of friends might flood the activity feed which will lead to that it is hard to find the activities of your closest friends. Also, you might not be interested in watching certain types of activities.

Therefore I suggested that you add support for filtering of activities. It would be nice to filter on which friends should be visible or not and also on activity type. 

Mt. Kenya


Currently, Strava only allows us to mute all activities of a particular person. This means that we can only mute someone entirely but this kind of all-or-nothing approach is detached from what is actually happening on our feeds and what we need as users.

Case Studies:

  1. Imagine you have a good friend who partakes in your preferred activity, say running. But they suddenly start posting a lot of activities from other sports which are of no interest to you (cycling, Zwift). You don't want to mute your friend beacuse you'd still like to give them kudos for any running activities, but you would prefer not to see their cycling activities.
  2. Imagine another friend, great athlete, delightful to follow by all activity sports... but they also upload their daily commute to Strava 5 days a week - short walks, under 1km long, unexciting.
  3. I'm sure you can come up with a lot of other personal examples.

Feature request:

Could you please give us the ability to mute specific types of activity per person? For example, we would like to be able to mute running from Alice and cycling from Bob while still seeing their other activity types and posts.

This could be implemented as an extended dropdown or pop-up menu when clicking "mute" on a particular friend, with a checkbox-style widget giving us an option of "all" and one additional checkbox per activity type, for each available activity type that Strava supports.


Thank you

Mt. Kenya

Hey, why don't you do something about this and give us the desired functionality?
There are a lot of people who want this, ok, let it be a function for paying users, but I'm so tired of waiting that I'm considering canceling my subscription to Strava until it's in place, maybe if more people do it same, something is going to happen.

Mt. Kenya

completely agree a muting feature for certain repeated activities at certain commuting times would be ideal, or at the very least a default mute all and then allow the user to selectively un-mute to the news feed

I commute daily with garmin and people complain about the number of posts my strava makes, I like that someone can come to my profile to see the total cycled but I dont want them to have to scroll through each 4km commute twice daily!  

Mt. Kenya

Yes please.  
zwift is for cops

Mt. Kenya

Please add a toggle button in settings to be able to “hide indoor activities” from peoples feed.  I get that isolating Zwift or Peloton may be difficult since there will always been other indoor workout services.  I want to see real outdoor miles in my feed not people stretching session or virtual bike rides or treadmill runs.  

Mt. Kenya

Agree free to choose what to show in feed.
Please my feed is drowning in indifferent warm ups, short walks, short commutes and tons of (to anyone but the “owner”) indifferent activities.
Just imagine a filter options so that one can choose:
1. Which type of activity to show in the feed and what to hide.
2. Length or duration of the activity to be shown or hidden.

Example I can choose to display no Hikes at all but bike ride if they are longer than fx. 25km. Running if longer than 5 km….
And if someone wants to see everything just leave all filters off…. Freedom of choice!!

I am missing the core of what my friends are doing because of all the short activities spam. And I struggle to find reasons to keep my premium prescription if this remains unchanged.

Mt. Kenya

Gone are the days when Strava used to be for serious amateurs. It’s now full of corporate nonense about completing 12 seconds of activity this month for a chance to win…….All the monthly challenges are for newbies, none appeal to regular athletes. And feeds is full of absolute junk that belong in a diary or Facebook. Subscription will be cancelled at renewal next year if this isn’t sorted.

Mt. Kenya

Please allow filtering for feed. Dont want to see everybodies indoor workouts or zwift rides. Want to see outdoor activities only!