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Mt. Kenya

It blows me away that Strava has not created this feature yet.  it is an easy fix that would allow a better Strava experience.  The ability to filter the home feed is long overdue.  I do not want to see everyones dog walks, golfing, yoga, etc... Then you have the guy that does each swim drill as a separate activity or the guy who runs 25 quarters on the track and does each one as a separate activity.  If I mute them then I will miss their great accomplishment BQing at the Chicago Marathon, or completing Ironman Wisconsin. If I mention that I don't like seeing certain activities I will offend them, thus creating drama. The current set up on Strava's home feed takes too long for me to give kudos to the activities that I believe deserve it; and using the favorites function does little to eliminate it. Thus, I really do not give Kudos often any longer, because I do not have the time to scroll through the feed that long.  And when I do scroll through the feed, I do it so hastily trying to give Kudos when it is appropriate that I miss some create opportunities to dialog with friends about their great accomplishments.  Personally, I would like to filter it to only display:

1. Runs faster than 10 minute pace if under 10 miles

2. Runs over a mile

3. Bikes over 10 miles and over 10 miles per hour

4. Swims over 500m



Man I'd also love to see a change on this topic.  I can appreciate that Zwift is probably a Strava sponsor something but SOOO MUCH ZWIFT, PELETON, etc.  Omg this great training no doubt but it does not need to be in my feed.  

Also, "sleep scores" and "day strain"....WTF this isn't even an activity, it's just data tracking posting to our feeds?  Like I care how you slept last night.....
Mt. Kenya

Chiming in here (I had posted a similar idea and admins pointed me to this thread). As I've followed more people over time, my activity feed has become cluttered with notices about the clubs they've joined. I just want to see their activities and nothing else. So, a feature to selectively turn on/off clubs joined, challenges completed, etc., would be helpful. Thanks.

Mt. Kenya

I use Strava primarily for outdoor road and trail running. I would love to be able to hide / select which specific activities show up in my feed from other athletes. Seeing + celebrating the running my friends/elites I follow are doing is a big part of why I like Strava, but I'd also like to be able to hide activities that don't track for me -- e.g., Peloton rides + the trainer photos that go with them. 🙂

It'd be great if this were a feature for my own profile as well. I.e., allowing users to select which activities upload to their feed by default and which activity types they can keep private.

Mt. Kenya

@MattS_bsb and @Richard same. I get lazy and forget to mute my gym sessions. Maybe a setting that says "by default only publish to the feed these certain types of activities" and the rest are muted by default (but could be changed if desired).


Please allow for activities to be muted by default.

I record more rides that I would prefer to mute than wouldn't, but I don't want to have to manually edit every activity, so people are spammed with short commutes & errands that I choose to record for my own reasons, but don't necessarily need flooding peoples feeds. 

*Soren, this is NOT the same thing as the request to filter a feed. This has to do with what I do with my own activities, not how I view others. Facepalm. Strava support is the worst, going to stop paying for it.

Mt. Kenya

I hate my Strava feed in winter times. It's cluttered with weird sports and all these Zwift/whatever-rides or commutes.

I really don't want to see them. And after fall it's allmost all you see, and I dont look through my feed anymore.

Since I am paying for my account, I should be in control of what I have to see and what not.

cheers and ride on

Mt. Kenya

I would like to be able to customize my feed so that when I'm scrolling through my friend's activities for the day, I only see the stuff that actually takes place out in the physical world. There's days were I have to sift through a bunch of spin and workouts with screen grabs of  random dudes/ladies on spin bikes in Lycra to get to someone's ride or run. 

It seems like this is a setting that could easily be enabled and I'm curious to know the reason why Strava doesn't enable it. 

Mt. Kenya

I just submitted a similar idea this am and see it was merged with this one. I want to only see activities that take place outside, not virtual in my feed. I don't want to unfriend people in order to achieve this. Seems like over the last two to three years my feed is loaded with virtual activities that include screen grabs of people in Lyra on spin bikes, lifting weights, etc. I'm on strava first to log and keep track of my rides/runs, and second to use it as a way to scout and source potential rides, loops, etc. I also want to see what my friends are doing and get ideas for loops, etc. Scrolling through all of their virtual workouts in my feed takes away from the experience. 

Others in the thread have pointed out how easy this would be to do, to enable a feature that allows someone to "hide virtual activities" in their feed. Others have wondered why Strava hasn't done this already... I can only assume that at this point they have integration agreements in place with the virtual 3rd parties (peloton, zwift) to no enable this for users with the thinking that it will create cross-pollination and drive new users to their platforms. For me it's not case. I hate seeing the indoor activities and am getting close to choosing a new platform for logging my rides and scouting/planning new places. 

Mt. Kenya

Hello, if you are interested in only one kind of activity, it should be possible to sort the activity feed by activity, ex running and treadmill or cycling.

Mt. Kenya

@TCU I don't see that option. On the app. I only see "custom" which looks like it applies an algorithm to randomly surface activities based on my "interacting with them" - I assume that means Kudos. Anyhow, I don't want to do a sort every time I open the app. to see what my friends did for the day. I also want to see chronologically when their rides take place. I just opened the app. this AM while having my coffee and scrolled through reams of lame indoor workouts. I'm almost over this. I should be able to toggle one button in my profile setting that says "only see outdoor rides in my fee" and that's it. Done deal. Again. Seems straight forward to implement. I wonder why Strava hasn't...

Mt. Kenya

I'd like to be able to filter the activity list by ride type, e.g. to only see MTB and Gravel rides.  I use the activities of others to find new routes for XC riding and at the moment there seems to be no option other than scrolling through long lists of activities trying to spot the right types of rides.

Mt. Kenya

I would like to have the option of filtering out “virtual” activities from my feed. I want to see real rides/runs that my followees have completed but I’m not interested in their indoor training activities. 

Mt. Kenya

Hey Strava I have an idea!

I know I'm not the only one who can get slightly irritated by the 'strava spam'. By this I mean when one Athlete does one training session but records it as separate activities, whether this is because they don't want their slower warm up and cool down to reduce their overall average pace of a session or perhaps they are a triathlete doing a BRICK session. 

I have a solution. A 'group activity function'. This would allow users to group several activities which are done on the same day within roughly the same time zone together. Activities would still be recorded, uploaded and be able to viewed and kudosed separately but if the athlete wanted could be grouped together in a folder which could then be separately named. This could then be displayed on there feed in a more compact manner. If viewers wished to view each activity individually there could be a drop down button.

If you like this idea and want to chat further I would be more than happy to discuss this as well as other ideas I have.


Mt. Kenya