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Richard Forzani, thank you sir! It couldn't be explained better than you did!

Team, please do something. I ignore my feed because of those unfiltered "garbage activities", but I'm pretty sure that some fun action gets lost in between the lines

Mt. Kenya

Yes!  Please do this.  I don't need to see every time someone walks a mile or does yoga.  


Hi @Jane - as a moderator who has replied to a few posts recently - can you give us an update on this one please?

It's had 196 comments and 350+ up votes - so it would be great to get an update - even if it is just that the idea will be taken to the team for consideration.

Thank you

Mt. Kenya

Why is it that we see a moderator combine an idea with this suggestion that has been open for years, but as far as I can see we've never had an update on this suggestion?


I was just thinking the same thing.  Come on Strava!  It's time for some feedback.  Let us know that you're listening and explain what you are going to do, or not going to do, about it, and why.  It's mega frustrating for everyone involved especially because it seems to be a) absolutely necessary, and b) so easy to implement.  It seems to make absolutely no sense why you remain so quiet on the topic.

Mt. Kenya

Would like an update (as those before have requested).  This thread open since 2022?!? What’s going on? 

(thank you to those describing these awesome (and much needed) features in great detail). 


Obviously they don't give a f. Just keep giving kudos to dog walks in the park... 

Mt. Kenya

When I open my screen I see a feed for all of the people I follow in order of their activities. 
But this is a mix of local riders, friends, national professional riders & top level professional cyclists. 
It is like seeing all of the football/soccer results in the paper where all levels are jumbled in together. Sports are reported in groups or leagues. 
I think it would be nice to have a tabs option for your feed;



FRIENDS (actual friends)

or anything you want. 

So I don’t have to wade through 50 cyclists doing their Tour De France prep to find what my local friends are doing this week.