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Status: Gathering Kudos

Would love to have Strava use sleep and weight data to factor into Fitness and Freshness. The main reason i pay for a Strava sub compared to the excellent free product is to record all my exercise in the one place and to track my fitness over time though Fitness and Freshness.  I believe the other two metrics to accurately calculate a fitness and freshness level is sleep, and less so weight. The market appears to also be saying the same if you look at the take up of other health and fitness trackers such as Whoop, Samsung, Apple, Fitbit etc

I'd love it if Strava would:

  1. Take sleep and weight data and track it over time on a chart along with the Fitness and Freshness score.
  2. Since there are no good standards or formats for collecting and sharing such data this data could be manually input or imported via CSV if required. Perhaps Strava could take a lead here and set a standard that can be easily imported via CSV collecting more subscribers as a do-it-all platform. Manual import would allow users to massage data from other services or devices without waiting for an all-encompassing API which is unlikely ever to eventuate due the big guys not wanting share their customers or make it easier to move between devices e.g. Garmin, Apple, Samsung, Fitbit etc. 
  3. Include the ability to add current weight as a minimum and additionally other weight related metrics available from devices such as Samsung and Apple watches e.g. Total Body Water, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass.
  4. Include the ability to add current total sleep per day in minutes. Additionally allow the storage of other sleep metric such as minutes of deep, REM, light and awake during this period. While each sleep tracking vendor has slightly different values the point isn't to compare between vendors its only so users can compare their own values over time.
  5. Use the data to create a "v2" Fitness and Freshness level keeping existing Fitness and Freshness calculations and data not adding sleep and weight data (or for periods where data is missing).
  6. Show the new values on any activities that were carried out at the same period.

Given user don’t want to pay for multiple subscriptions and want to have all their data in the one place (Strava strong point), i feel like i'm going to have to make a choice about which service is going to use all my existing health data to improve the level of fitness tracking.  


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Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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