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Status: Gathering Kudos

I see that there is an option to hide calories etc from others, but I would really like the option to not view the calories and total work when looking at an activity I have completed.

Importance: trying to recover from an eating disorder is much harder when you can't even escape looking at calories and kjs when you're trying to build a healthier relationship between body, food, and fitness.

Could this please be something we can toggle and and off as viewable to ourselves as well as something else we can stop others from viewing?


I understand the need for hiding things before yourself but I don't believe this will ever be an option in Strava. Maybe you can setup an automatic upload to other platforms like Komoot, where you will only see the most basic data about the ride (distance, time, speed and elevation).

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea to disable showing calories on your own activities. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

Massive fan of this. @Soren - what is the best way to amplify the case for this to get it prioritised?

Mt. Kenya

I agree! This is really important, and should absolutely be an option. Preferably, it should be possible to remove calorie counts both on a case-by-case (activity by activity) basis and to chose this as a default for all activities on you profile settings.


@tomcon1 our Guide to Ideas should point you in the right direction!

Mt. Kenya

This is so much more important to people with EDs than other people realise. It's fully the reason preventing my girlfriend from using Strava, and it's come up with other friends too who aren't traditional athletic types but are keen to build healthy relationships with their bodies and sport. Strava is missing out on a market here.

Mt. Kenya

Completely agree with a number of the comments above - while there may be an obesity epidemic, there is also many people struggling with eating disorders who should be able to enjoy sport, their activities, and all that goes with strava sharing, without having to worry about seeing the calories and kj burnt.  It seems bizarre that a large social media platform such as strava doesn't recognise the harm of other social media apps and the impact that they are having particularly on the young.  Strava - play your part.