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Mt. Kenya
Status: New Idea

What if we could see our current achievments on the map with colors? 
For example, KOM segment may be highlighted with "gold" color 🙂

Was inspired from rider Kat Gurenkova who takes almost all the segments with QOM.
Thanks for your work!

Pico de Orizaba

Depending on the size of the segment, and how big the activity is, it could potentially be impossible to see the segment highlighted on the map. Just something to think about

Mt. Kenya

I take your propousal seriously and I am trying to imagine such a situation.
In my hamble opinion it will be very pleasant to see small golden pixel on my long ride track 🙂
By the way if the ride consists KOM||QOM it often will mean that consuming of enegry was high and the distance had natural limitations in this case.
In my practice of KOM achieving, usually, the KOM segment has proportional length to the entire distance.

For example this is Kat Gurenkova ride НедоВоронеж | Ride | Strava full of gold.
Below you can see this ride with QOMs highlighted somehow.
Kat_ride.pngWe could use zoom to see the details.
I've asked Kate about this feature and she was joyful about the idea.
So if developers take this into their backlog, that will be very cool!
What do you think?