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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Archived

In the Strava app I can see what my best running times are for different distances. It just doesn't help me at all because I only cycle and don't run at all.
That's why I don't need to know what my fastest running times are of x kilometers/mile or a half marathon.
I am curious about my best cycling results.

Other athletes will also want to know what their milestones are in the sport they practice. What are his swimming milestones or her rowing milestones?

Changing the milestone sport or adding a sport or multiple sports would therefore be very nice. Possibly an option that you could also add a (maximum) number of distances yourself. Certain distances that you ride very often, such as the length of your standard training lap.

These milestones are also not visible on the web, only in the app.

That's why I also recommend making this visible on the web. Many of us will use that more than they use the app

Pico de Orizaba

The developers are currently taking care of this. Fret not, its on the way 👌

Status changed to: Archived

Hey @Sander thanks for the suggestion. Some stats are available for cycling in your profile under "My Stats" -- such as the biggest climb and longest ride, both on web and mobile. The idea to expand the best efforts and milestones to cycling was also requested in this idea (make sure you add your vote to it) and we are currently working on it, so stay tuned for future updates! We appreciate the feedback.