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Status: Gathering Kudos

I’ve been loving the Strava premium training plans, following it to a T. But very tired of having to log into web just to see it. If you can sync it with phone calendar that would be great or even just let us look in the app.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Your idea to enable the Training Plans and sync them to your phone's calendar has been approved and is now open to voting. Thank you for your contribution!


I think paying for premium at £47 a year is a lot when you're don't have an decent training plan integrated into the App. It used to use endomondo (then map my run) and they were cheaper but had training plans integrated into the App. So for example I'd select a training plan for a distance such as half marathon, put in a race date, my level of effort and number of times I could train. The app would generate a training plan that was in the app so that it would alert me to a training plan event. In addition to this it would also (for example) run the training session within the app so that if it was fartlek then it would tell me, fast for x seconds, rest for x seconds etc and the same for other types of training sessions, it would be like having a run coach (or cycling) in your pocket. This is almost dare I say an essential feature and I only paid for the premium product because I was under the strong impression that training plans were included. Calling it a training plan when all it does is link to an external website which is static and doesn't even explain what the type of training session is! You should be ashamed strava as you're supposed to be a good product. I'm pretty sure that many others would like this feature please. I could have just downloaded any old training plan and read it but the point of having an app with you is that it could (and should) be so much better than this.