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I have been a consistent Strava user for several years, but the $60/year price point has always been at the top of what I am interested in forking over.  Now it seems that with the Fatmap purchase / 3d maps addition you've added you feel that your customers should pay more.  I never needed or wanted 3d maps!  I would like to be able to share some of the premium features (better leaderboard access etc.) with my middle school-aged son and wife, but now with the price headed to $80/person per year this will not happen.  We have asked for a family plan or discounts for middle-schoolers, but there has been zero movement on this.  With the 33% price hike I'm dropping premium.

Proposal:  $40/year plans for all, or $120/year family plans.  Expand the paid user-base by overwhelming with great value.  

Pico de Orizaba

I'm in almost exactly the same situation. My wife and I would like to access the more detailed segment leaderboards and are happy to support Strava financially in return - but not to the tune of over £100 every single year. The extra features we are apparently getting in return for this high price are generally of no interest to us (We are also perfectly happy with 2D maps) and many of them are available for free elsewhere as well.

A £20 a year option that gave us access to just the detailed segment leaderboards and route matching features, but which left out everything else, would make us both instant subscribers.

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Hello @IceTee 

Thanks for your post. As stated in our Guide to Ideas, we may not accept suggestions for changes to our pricing structure.  

Criteria for consideration

  • We will not accept suggestions regarding our pricing structure.

We definitely appreciate your feedback on this topic and thanks for taking the time to write in and submit it.  I am passing it along to the relevant Team at Strava.  Thanks again.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team