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Status: Gathering Kudos

I previously posted similar in the leader boards forum:

I would like opt out from including my activities on leader boards, by default, or ... make it an opt in feature for general users instead of opt out.

One comment I got back previously was to change privacy settings. Also, coming into an individual activity after the fact an marking it 'virtual' will disable the data going into leader boards. But these not what I'm looking for here.

  1. I'm not concerned with privacy on this. I don't care who sees my times on anything. And I typically want activities to remain public: they sometimes are to show my own explorations on bicycle, with a few photos and some commentary of what I found there, for a given map track. This is one of my uses of Strava and what keeps me engaged in useful exercise.
  2. I don't want to manually edit everything as virtual. I do want mileage tracked and on which specific bike. I may look at my own times, or disregard if I can see they are not legitimate.

Here is what I don't like about leader boards: if anything goes wrong, I potentially have to hear back from someone about stealing their KOM. 3 historical cases

  1. While new to Strava,  in an accident. Traveled to hospital and home in vehicles. Recording was running for several days. I saved it as showing where and when the accident occurred. Received a fake KOM.
  2. Erroneous empty recording of an 80+ mile activity by the android phone app. I reproduced it with Next day I notice I have multiple KOMs
  3. Poor GPS signal in the woods puts me on a different trail (a tough climb on gravel and a few erosion control steps) from the one I actually rode that day (easy). I am currently 4th overall and best of the year for a segment I wasn't on.

The opinion that has grown on me is that leader boards game is fun concept but doesn't actually work well. But I'm forced into a game I am not interested in playing.

Please provide opt out.


Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

On occations the GPS track of an activity might be incorrect (due to lost signal or signal bounce). The personal records might then be updated based on the incorrect data. There should be a function for excluding the activity from personal record (and optionally segments). This might be used instead of making the activity private, cropping the GPS track and deleting the existing activity and creating a manual activity.


Agree with torbjornd - where I ride there are many roads in forests running close and parallel to mountain bike tracks (Strava segments) and on too many occasions they are confused because of poor GPS. Why is it not possible to simply delete the incorrect segment?

Strongly support opt out idea. Not at all interested in Leaderboards (only PR) and tedious that Garmin requires public setting for PRs to recognise Strava Live Segments, thus discounting all my previous private PRs. Managing Strava Live Segments is an area that needs big improvement by Strava and Garmin, Wahoo etc.