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Status: Gathering Kudos

Sometimes when I ride my bike and have a stop, the Auto-Stop features of my Garmin and Wahoo devices don't work, especially when I have to take the computer with me inside. In the end flawed distance and height recordings and up in the gps track of the activity.


Here's an example:


Currently Stava only allows to shorten the activity on start and end or to split the activity. When I do e.g. 3 stops that have such wrong recordings, splitting the activity and shorten the wrong parts is not a sufficient option.


Status changed to: Archived
Moderator Moderator

Hey @RolandRides,

Thank you for providing this idea along with an example.
I'm going to archive this idea because we do have a workaround for this situation.

We recommend using the split and crop tools available to remove this portion of the activity. I have included instructions below:

To split an activity:

  • From the activity page click on (◦◦◦) the more options menu > click "Split".
  • From the split page, choose whether you'd like to make one or two splits. For example, if you are just removing a middle portion of a ride, you will want to choose '2 activities'. (You can always go back and split one of the new split activities again if you need to).
  • Drag the orange lines to the exact locations where you'd like to divide the activity. Hover over the speed graph to help you identify where you were stopped or based on the location.
  • When you're satisfied with your selection, click "split" on the left-hand side.
  • You'll be taken to the "My Activities" page where you'll see your new activities. Your new activities will retain the name of the original activity but you can edit those as you'd like.

To remove the additional data from the beginning or end of an activity, use the crop tool.

To crop an activity:

  • From the activity page click on (◦◦◦) the more options menu.
  • Select "Crop" from the drop-down menu.
  • Use the sliders to specify the portion you would like to keep. You will keep what is shown in orange and remove anything shown in blue. The green dot is your start location and the red dot is the finish location.

For more information, see our articles on how to split activities and Crop Tool for Activities

STRAVA | Community Hub Team


So I need to split my activity in like 12 activities to remove those errors? Really?!

Moderator Moderator

Hey @RolandRides,

Ideally, if you have trouble in the middle of your activity only 2 or 3 activities at most would need to be created. If you feel this method is too much to go through, would you mind suggesting an alternate idea to edit the middle of an incorrect activity?

STRAVA | Community Hub Team


The issue is that the activity is ruined as it splits over n smaller activities. I suggest a UI like in a video editing application. One can select a start and end segment and then a button "cut" that removes everything on a time line. this should be repeatable.

The date/time information should be sufficient to detect cuts in case this could be a problem with segments/PRs.



@Bryant - Rather than using the existing "split" function that breaks a single activity into completely separate files, it would be just treating a section in the middle as if the user just stopped and turned off their device for a while and then restarted it on the other end.  It would keep it all as a single activity file, but just not record any data for the portion that was "blocked out".  

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Hey @anchskier,

I appreciate this input.
I'll change the status of this idea to gathering kudos.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Pico de Orizaba

Oh oui ce serait bien pratique !

Mt. Kenya

Was about to suggest the same idea, for me it would probably even be enough to be able to delete single points in the middle of a route.

Sometimes for reasons yet unknown to me my smartphone's gps sometimes jumps, i.e. single points are recorded at a different point (usually earlier point on track), then the track record jumps back. So I would like to delete this erroneous point to correct the track. Or maybe some sort of smoothing/filter function for the track to remove unplausible data (like a short segment where walking speed is suddenly way excess 10km/h).

Cutting and cropping the track is not an option.

Example (see the straight lines): 



Mt. Kenya


The situation is as follows:

  1. Start Strava.
  2. Ride from home to BART.
  3. Pause Strava during BART ride to meet up with ride group.
  4. Unpause Strava.
  5. Ride a loop with friends.
  6. Get back on BART to go home (having forgotten to pause Strava this time).
  7. Ride from BART to home.
  8. Stop/Finish Strava.
  9. Now there is no way to remove the BART ride home from the rest of the Activity.

This seems like a fairly intuitive feature request. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

Mt. Kenya


That's a very good point.

Sometimes the app/GPS got crazy and record something that can be changed :

Like I m running through pool and house and go back to original track.


The split activities and the crop are useless in this situation.

The split activities would be useful if the functionnality to merged 2 activites exists.

I read somewhere that the only way to do this right now is to export GPX, edit it in, export gpx and reupload gpx.

I'm doing this everytime to correct every wrong GPS points.

You will need to delete the record on strava because strava will detect that the two tracks are the same and keep the original one.

By the way, the gap/cadence/heart rate are kept when u r using

Mt. Kenya


@Bryant I agree with RolandRides that there should be a way to crop out multiple unwanted sections of an activity. In my case, we were doing MTB downhill runs using a vehicle to take us back to the top of the mountain. I forgot to turn off my Garmin on the return shuttle rides to the top of the mountain. If I understand the current version of Strava you can only crop or split the activity ending in lost segments.



@TheGodKing - If you are trying to remove a section of a ride in the middle, the best thing to do would be to split the activity into two activities and then crop the portion you want removed from whichever one you left it in when you split it.  This way, you won't lose any segments, you will just end up having the day's riding split up into two separate activity files.  I totally agree that there should be a way to remove a section of a single activity and have the rest still remain as a single activity, but in the meantime, at least you can still remove unwanted parts and not lose the parts you do want to keep.

Mt. Kenya

Hi @Bryant!

Voicing my shared struggle with this issue, as described by the other users on this thread, and voicing support for an option to remove middle sections from an activity, as described by @anchskier.

Are you able to share whether this has been moved along the development process?


Mt. Kenya

same as above. Riding DH and have been taken uphill bo car or ski lift. Forgot to pause tracking so now Stava thinks I was biking uphill….