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Status: Gathering Kudos

Jumping rope is not just a warmup it is a great sport and activity in itself. There are even official organizations such as the Amateur Athletic Union with long established rules and regulations

There are exhibitions, teams, leagues, singles competitions, team competitions, national and international competitions; everything that you would expect an official sport to have. It has observer status at the Global Association of International Sports Federation and been recognized as a sport by half the countries needed to become an official Olympic sport. Is Jump Rope a Sport? - Here's What to Know | Elite SRS

I'm pretty sure there is no international association of stair stepers and that is supported in Strava so why not jump rope?

Mt. Kenya

Please add jump rope, I know lot of people who are waiting for this. 

Mt. Kenya

@THENEWMEXICAN @Jalavoie  GARMIN added this under cardio as " download" ( not integrated )  and hence activity does not capture jump counts...( only HR, Calories and time captured ) .. Both Strava and GARMIN struggle to add this seemingly simple feature to their apps due to reasons best known to them..... what is the point in GARMIN adding this ( only as a download yet ) if you can not see jump counts as saved activity to monitor progress ? Please see reviews in their site......

On 16-Nov-23 there was a post by @Soren that the idea is gathering kudos.....wonder how many kudos this needs for  Strava to implement this !!

Pico de Orizaba


@Nanda you don’t know what you are talking about, a Garmin watch counts jumps as reps. Please refrain from joining a conversation when you are unfamiliar with key points of the topic of discussion.
Mt. Kenya

Surely now that Garmin allows it to be recorded you can add it too, Strava? Please

Mt. Kenya

I support to have jumping rope added as an activity on Strava 

Mt. Kenya

It would be great! Thanks for the suggestion 

Mt. Kenya

Bonjour Strava, 

la proposition d’ajout de corde à sauter a été faite en 2022, avec beaucoup de votes !

Pouvez vous ajouter les données de transferts via l’application « YaoYao » s’il vous plaît ? Ça serait top 👍🏼 

merci ☺️ 

TRANSLATION: Hello Strava, the proposal to add a jump rope was made in 2022, with lots of votes!
Can you add the transfer data via the “YaoYao” application please?
That would be great ‌👍🏼‌ thank you ☺️

Mt. Kenya

Support this idea. Please add jump rope

Mt. Kenya


Even Garmin has jump rope implemented on Garmin Connect and on a lot of their watches. 

Mt. Kenya

Thanks, I've added my upvote. I'm looking forward to adding my jump rope workouts on strava. 

Mt. Kenya


Mt. Kenya

I'm a runner whose gait analysis just revealed a running asymmetry. One fix for this is to do single leg jumps so I bought a jump rope and am looking for ways to track that on Strava.