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Status: Gathering Kudos

Currently Live Segments via our Garmins are disabled for average grades of 0.25% and less. This needs to be reduced to something like -1.0% or somewhere before true danger can arise. Sure, I get it that we don't want people racing down mountains into intersections, but at some point the user has to take responsibility for their behavior.

However, the case in point is that the 0.25% grade threshold eliminates the VAST majority of segments for riders in flat areas like the Midwest. We use a lot of flat stretches somewhat like competitive TT's, but none of them show up on our Garmins in real-time. Large portions of the Strava user base have been geographically excluded from a fairly key feature of segment competition. 

The feature is supposed to be a premium benefit for subscribers, so please reduce the broad strokes that had been taken previously and reduce the threshold to something more reasonable. Racing a 0 or -1% grade isn't going to cause the vast majority of users any danger. 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Mt. Kenya


I´m testing Strava live subscription, and, for me, one of the most important things, that would convince me to subscribe to strava, are Strava Live Segments, as i was trying to test this feature, o noticed the segments i marked with a star where not showing in my garmin edge 1040, i did some research an came across this 0% grade rule, let me tell you that that is a BIG NO for the subscription i was intending to do...

The segment in question i was trying to test today as a -1.7% and ist´s almost flat, it represents no danger for me or for the majority of riders (99.9%), i also noticed that almost all segments i marked to test, are below 0%, and i can ashure you, most of them represent no danger to a minimal experience rider, some of them have uphills and downhills and if the grade gets below 0% it´s excluded from the live segments...

I agree that there are very dangerous segments, i also agree those should be restricted, but the 0% rule is very extremist, -5% or even -10% would include mutch more ridable segments that represent no or minimal risk to riders...

For me it makes litle sense the 0% rule, let the rider choose if it represents any danger for him or not, when it´s bellow 0%, give the rider the option to ride the segment at it´s own risk with an agreement of some sort, for me 0% grade rule it´s a big no no for subscribing to strava...

Best Regards