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Mt. Kenya
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Mi chiamo Davide Bike .. esco in mtb e bici da strada ... Ho creato tanti segmenti per vedere pendenze,  tempi e classifiche.

Ho visto che i percorsi con  l' e-bike esclude i segmenti , per ovvi motivi di correttezza prestazionale..

Perché non "create una lista parallela" per chi esce solo in e-bike?... A volte ci serve vedere le pendenze e capire il miglior rendimento o risparmio di batteria , oppure semplicemente studiare quel determinato percorso .. 

TRANSLATION: My name is Davide Bike.. I go out on mtb and road bike... I created many segments to see gradients, times and rankings.

I have seen that the routes with the e-bike excludes the segments, for obvious reasons of performance correctness..

Why don't you "create a parallel list" for those who only go out on e-bikes?... Sometimes we need to see the slopes and understand the best performance or battery saving, or simply study that particular route..

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Currently, we're unable to duplicate e-bike segments to bike segments because segments are created via an athlete's activity. Each Strava segment has a leaderboard that ranks all Strava athletes who match the GPS trace between the defined start and finish. 

Leaderboards are specific to a single activity type, meaning that a cycling segment only shows cycling on the leaderboard and an e-bike cycling segment only shows rides on that leaderboard. If activities are uploaded to Strava under an incorrect activity type, or with data that is motor-assisted by either an electric bike or while driving a car, the fairness and accuracy of our leaderboards suffer. 

Each Strava athlete is responsible for the content they upload and we expect all athletes to contribute positively to the Strava community by following our guidelines.

Please review this Strava support article for more information: What's a segment

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