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Status: Gathering Kudos

Please update the Strava mobile app so that it has the same functionality as the website.  When adding a manual activity, the website allows me to add the elevation gain.  This is not an option on the Strava mobile app.  Why not?  I have a recurring glitch with my Zwift account (not related to Strava) that frequently results in me having to manually enter the data from a portion of a Zwift ride into Strava.  To include the elevation gain, I am only able to do this through the web version of Strava.  Please make it so that we can input the same data from the mobile app as from the web app.


Another difference between the app and the web version is how they handle the "Goals".  In the app, I can see all 7 of my goals, their progress, and I can edit them.  In the web version, I can only see 2 of my goals (one run and one ride) and I don't get to pick which ones those are.  We should have full access to see and edit our goals from the web version just like we do from the app.  

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Community Manager

Thanks for sharing your suggestion to add the ability to manually enter elevation in the mobile app, not just on the website. It's been approved and is open to voting.

Regarding goals, the mobile app currently supports goals for all Sport Types, whereas the website only supports goals for run/ride/swim. This discrepancy has been brought up with our product team, but I will gladly resurface this. You can read more about goals here: 


@Soren - Thanks for passing that along.  Regarding the goals, all of my 7 goals are either running or riding, yet only 2 (one of each) are viewable from the website.