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Status: Gathering Kudos

Seeing the new features rolled out is great, but there's still work to be done matching functionality between app and website.  Ideally, if it's important enough to exist in one, it should also be in the other.  Examples:

1. Adding Gear: Given that STRAVA now has so many activity categories, it would be nice to add gear other than shoes and bikes; I log roughly 20 miles per week on a Concept2 rower, and would like to aggregate that data in the app/website.

2. Segment creation/searching/exploring:  Searching is clunky on the app, but very intuitive on the website, and creation of segments is only available through the website.

3. Course Creation/searching/exploring: Similar to Segments, creation is somewhat cumbersome on the app to the point where folks just don't use it; I make it a point to only create routes on the website for the sake of my own sanity.  In dire straits, I actually prefer the CityStrides route builder over that of either STRAVA or Garmin Connect apps.

4. FlyBy:  This was once an awesome function, albeit only really viewable from the website, and since STRAVA changed their privacy policies making the user default as 'opted out', it's essentially unused.  Also, FlyBy isn't widely advertised as a feature, and not obvious to app users that it even exists.

5. Muting Activities:  An activity can only be muted through the app, and not the website.
DELIVERED: Enable Muted activities on web

6. Managing Goals:  Currently only Running, Cycling, and Swimming distance goals can be viewed/managed through the website, but other activities like Rowing can be viewed/managed through the app.

7. Choosing Favorite Athletes/Activity Alerts:  Designation of specific friends/athletes as "favorites" and opting into notifications of their activities is only available through the app.

8. Although not available on either the website or the app, the ability to simply edit your comment on someone's activity would be very helpful, and seems like pretty low-hanging fruit.

Mt. Kenya

Why is there so much difference between mobile and web app regarding data shown.
Where on web app i can find my avg power or similar data, that is on mobile literally first thing you see in activity summary?
Why we cannot see pace distribution in race only some "strava" pace distribution, not let see 1k avg’s etc.

Mt. Kenya

Hi agree with everyone else. This would be a great feature. It's a bit of a pain to log onto computer just for that.

Mt. Kenya

This has been driving me crazy! I was actually going to cancel my subscription!

My issue was my rowing Goals from the iOS app not being visible by browser. I guess these are 2 totally different softwares 😅

At least I now understand it's because of a missing feature (this is a bug IMO - unexpected behaviour 😉 )


@Pikman It's the same with the Android version, and yeah, really bugs me that I can't track/manage my rowing goals in the web version of STRAVA.  I made another (separate) suggestion to have ERGs/rowers be added as gear since indoor rowing is already a sport in STRAVA.


Tools available only on the web:

- Refreshing activity achievements - this is is needed more often than it should

- Flagging someone's activity

- Correcting distance

- Seeing locations of where pictures were taken on the map

Also, segment search is vastly different between the web and the mobile versions

Also, leaderboards are different - on the web I can see full leaderboards but on mobile I can see only a few places above and below me. 


@Silentvoyager -  Also, Flyby is only available on the web.

We should add a list like yours for tools/features available only on the app:
- All goals can be seen/edited on the app, but only a couple can be seen on the web


When viewing a profile on PC I can see a good amount of stats in the right side panel.
Either my stats, the users stats I am looking at, or a compare view.
On mobile however there is only a limited amount, not even a year by year overview option.
Not to mention the stats compare with my stats I there is available on PC.

I'd like to see all the same stats and comparison on mobile too.

Mt. Kenya

Couldn't agree more. Charging for this app, but under delivering! I might as well just use Garmin connect. 

Mt. Kenya

On the web version of Strava when I display of the details of an activity, if I assigned a shoe to the activity, I could see the current mileage of the shoe.

However, on the app version, it only lists the shoe without mileage. To get the current mileage, I need to leave the activity, go to gear page which is now even more hidden and look it up there.

Could this be changed? I believe it is a small change, but it helps to see the gear mileage for the gear used after each activity.

Pico de Orizaba

On the Strava website, when I visit an Athlete's profile, I see a list of their times over certain key distances along side my own. This allows for easy comparison. My request is that this feature is extended to the Android app as well. At present, when you visit an Athlete's profile in the Android app, all you see are their own times despite their often being plenty of screen space for yours to be displayed alongside them. Especially if this comparison were restricted, for example, to landscape mode.

Mt. Kenya

Can we get a "filter heat map by year" tool while creating routes on the web?  I see it on mobile, but route planning on mobile is painful and I almost never do it.

Heat map by year would be helpful so I can see roads I haven't traveled on in recent time.  

Workaround: show heat map by year on another tab (not ideal...)

Mt. Kenya

Yes, please have all mobile app features be available on the website too. I'm not sure why I pay for Strava when such things are not available.

Mt. Kenya

This option is available on web, would be great to have it on mobile. If possible, with option to skip route recalculation.

Mt. Kenya

A feature should be added where pictures taken during the activity have the option to be marked by location on the map. For example, if I take a picture of an animal on the road during a run, and I post the picture on Strava, there should be an option to add the location that picture was taken to the map of my run on Strava. That way, my followers can see my run and see exactly where the pictures I posted were taken. This should be optional and not a requirement to map posted pictures.


Hi @audramulholland , it actually already works like that on the Strava website, see the attached screenshot - photos are displayed on the map. The photo has to contain location information to be displayed on the place where it was taken. 

However, this is available only on the website as far as I know. It would be nice to have that feature also in the mobile app indeed!