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Mount Logan
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I think it would be great if Strava allowed athletes to download a Yearbook Album of all of their activities and highlight photos.

What is it?

The Strava Yearbook album is basically a physical copy of all of the activities an athlete completed within a year or multiple years. The album goes in chronological order and can be customized to show multiple activities on one page if it was just a morning run or it can show one big activity on a page if it was a special event like a marathon or multiple photos. 

Why is it important?

Having a physical copy of your workouts may be a special gift that athletes gift to each other to feel the weight of their workouts over a year or over multiple years. It makes the work tangible.

How does it work? 

Strava partners with a third-party yearbook distributor to allow athletes to create albums based on their data. It creates a physical year in review. Put all the athletes activities in the book along with some data highlights and photos from across the Strava community. 

Turn the digital into a physical photo album. 

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