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I appreciate that the Strava app already tracks mileage for bike components. The current management system works perfectly for running, but it could be improved for cycling, especially for those of us who rotate components or change setups based on different riding conditions.

For example, I use three chains per cassette, rotating them based on mileage. I might ride Chain A for 250km, switch to Chain B for another 250km, then to Chain C for 250km, and then back to Chain A. However, the current app marks Chain A as retired once removed, preventing reuse. The same issue applies to wheels, tires, and other components.

Many cyclists change wheelsets or tires based on weather and road conditions. For instance, I might use fast-rolling tires on dry, hard-packed roads and switch to grippier tires after a downpour. Additionally, tires can be swapped between front and rear positions.

To improve the system, could you add a "status" column for components with options like "active," "shelved," and "retired"? "Active" would mean the component is currently on the bike, "shelved" would mean the component is off the bike but can be reinstalled, and "retired" would indicate the component is no longer in use.

It would also be fantastic if components could be switched between different bikes. For instance, a component nearing the end of its life on a summer bike could be transferred to a commuter or winter bike to extend its usage.

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Hey @amuts

Thank you for your post and suggestions! We have similar ideas that are currently gathering kudos:
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Manage multiple wheelsets in Strava Gear

Head over to these ideas to add your vote (kudos) to show your support. 

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