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Additional Gear Brand(s)


I also (as part of my active recovery) log any lawn bowls games I play, however the shoe 'brand' isn't listed.

Rather than choosing 'Unbranded' Could an 'Other' be added that just uses the Nickname Value when specified as the active shoe used for an activity.

If not, could the following be added as selectable items – first one is the one I want to use, but should other bowlers want to do the same I've included other key brands.

Drakes Pride



Hello @davecatchpole, thanks for bringing this up. We can gladly add your desired shoe brand for you if you submit a support ticket. It is helpful if you include a link to their official website so we can verify their legitimacy. Thank you!

well thats a massive disappointment! just cos the actual sport isn't an option shouldn't prevent a couple of extra shoe brands being added...


Hello Dave,

We appreciate the suggestions you've provided in this request.

As you have noted, lawn bowling is not currently an available sport type on Strava. For this reason, we do not currently have the manufacturers you listed available as brands to choose from when editing your gear. Unfortunately, we are unable to include these additional brands at this time. In the event that Strava is able to support the sport of lawn bowling, we will certainly reconsider this situation.

Your thoughts regarding the display of shoe brands and nicknames on activities is helpful feedback which I will pass along to our product team for consideration. Thank you very much for your input!

Strava Support Team