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Cannot Download App on Apple Watch

Mt. Kenya

I am attempting to download the Strava app on my daughter's Apple watch.  I have been able to download on her iPhone, but when trying to download onto the watch I receive the following error message: ""com.strava.stravaride.watchapp" is not allowed to be installed on this Apple Watch due to device management restrictions."

I have reached out to Apple Support and they instructed me to contact the app developer for guidance. Any suggestions? 




That error message means there are device management restrictions blocking the download. Since Apple suggested contacting Strava, try reaching out to their support team for help. Also, restarting both the iPhone and Apple Watch might fix it.


Mt. Kenya

Stuck downloading an app on your Apple Watch? Don't worry! Restart both your Watch and iPhone - a simple fix for many glitches spectrum tv and internet packages for seniors Check your internet connection too. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices are key. Still stuck? The App Store app on your iPhone might need a refresh - force quit it and relaunch. If none of these work, try the Watch app on your iPhone - ensure Automatic Downloads are enabled for smooth app installs.