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Elapsed Time for Miles

Mt. Kenya

Recently I was riding and every time I completed a mile, the elapsed time for the mile would pop up at the top of the screen.  However now I don’t see that anymore.  I love that feature and want to know how to enable it again. 


Mt. Kenya

I use the Strava app for cycling.  I mount it on my stem and monitor my pace.  While riding earlier this year when I completed a mile there was a time that popped up on the top off the screen that showed how long it took to complete the previous mile.  It was great because it kept me focused.  (Am I speeding up or slowing down).   I never actually turned the feature on and didn’t turn it off but now I don’t see it pop up any more.  I want to know how to turn it back on.

Moderator Moderator

Hey @CoachK,

Are you referring to our split notifications? If so, those notifications are only for run and walk activities.
If this isn't what you're referring to, could you provide more detail?

STRAVA | Community Hub Team