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January Run 200K & 300K Challenges?


Just wondering why I can't find the January Run 200K & 300K Challenges? 


Mt. Kenya

The badges actually inspired non elite atheletes to challenge themselves and make huge improvements in their fitness and running. A big part of the strava running community enjoyed them and there was absolutely no reason to take them away. It’s an absolutely senseless feature removal that will negatively commercially impact strava and it’s user base. Bring them back please!!!

Pico de Orizaba

These should definitely come back! 200 or 300 km is a common monthly distance for a recreational runner prepping for a marathon.

Mt. Kenya

You would think after adding walking to the running distance total (also unpopular) would mean ppl would be getting more 200 and 300 km scores. Like what's going on here do they want ppl to start finding other apps to use? 

Yeah, I've started looking at other apps. Anyone have recommendations?

Pico de Orizaba

April challenges are up, and still no change or acknowledgment from Strava. Time for another 1 star review on the App Store. 

Mt. Kenya

Can the 200km and 300km running challenges be reinstated please? Does anyone know why they have been removed? 


So it seems Strava has left us a couple options

1- cancel membership


2- AVOID ENTERING SPONSERED CHALLENGES  & EMAIL THOSE COMPANIES EXPLAINING WHY… WE MAY HAVE A LARGER IMPACT (maybe lost revenue and pressure from those sponsored challenges)

Challenges start at $20,000 (USD) and scale based on duration, targeting and promotion. The maximum investment is ~$200k. If a challenge is within your budget and you would like to pursue this opportunity, please get in touch and we will get back to you if we believe there is a fit.


I see that we don't have 200km and 300km running challenges for March. As I am unhappy at the contempt that Strava has shown me by removing these challenges I have canceled my Strava subscription. And given them the following reason on why. Lets see if they care about paying customers leaving.

"I am unhappy at the contempt that Strava has shown me by removing the running challenges for 200km and 300km. The only option available to me seems to be cancelling my subscription."

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