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Join the conversation about the features and tools Strava has to offer

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Here at Strava, we’ve put years of effort into making Strava the ideal home for your athletic life. Whether you use it to track your progress, keep in touch with your friends, or find motivation and new adventures, there’s something for everyone. 

As you can imagine, housing all of your athletic endeavors is no small feat. Over the years we’ve created a feature-rich platform on both web and mobile enabling you to unlock your potential while staying authentically you. In other words, our platform has a lot of tools and capabilities! 

We’ve created Strava Features Chat to connect you with one another to discuss everything Strava. Whether you have feedback on something old or new, or whether you would like to just ask questions about the product, you can do it here. As a compliment to this space, we’ve compiled this resource to help you understand and explore all that Strava has to offer. 

Come on in and share your Strava ideas, feedback, questions, and experiences!

STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Mt. Kenya

Question from a long-time subscriber:  Can I generate an activity report for power (weighted, average, or otherwise)? How?


@Mason - Why does it say "Mont Blanc" after just about everyone's name when they post or comment?  I looked through my settings and can't find any place to fix that.  Is there something I am missing or a reason that is set that way?  

Hello, thanks for your question. Our Guide to Ranks contains the answer to your question! In a nutshell, Mont Blanc is the first rank in our ranking system in this Community. Many other forums have rank names such as "Rookie", "Novice", etc. Our ranks are named after prominent peaks 🏔 of the world and everyone in the community is assigned a rank based on their contributions.