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Make managing components less restrictive

Mt. Kenya

It seems to me Strava invested a lot of development effort into restricting the possibilities to edit components, leading to the user being handcuffed.

I simply want to maintain a list of components, the date each was added, and the date each was removed from a bike - that's all. No complex programming logic is needed.

I sometimes want to add a note or change the name of a retired component. And I sometimes want to move a component from one bike to another. And yes: I also had a case where a frame was replaced, but all other components stayed - it still counts as the same bike to me.

Concrete Suggestions:
- adding a frame after you retire one should be enabled (or at least allow un-retiring it)
- editing retired components should be enabled
- editing the actual "retired on" date should be enabled
- moving a component from one bike to another should be enabled (or at least add a field for starting mileage and age of a component at the time it was added to a bike)

Thanks for listening


Mt. Kenya


Mt. Kenya

We often swap between components on our bikes, right? For example, I have tires for wet and tires for the dry. I certainly don't retire tires every time I swap between wet and dry. Do you? 

Mt. Kenya

I've created a mobile app that does exactly what you are after:

Cool, I will check this out!! Hopefully Strava will see the gap and integrate your app into theirs 🙂

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