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Where do I set an activity as a race (So I get rid of Moving Time)

Pico de Orizaba

Moving Time is useless, I never want the time from my watch to be different than what Strava shows. So when I need to get rid of the moving time and only use elapsed time, I set an activity to be a Race. BUT-- I went to do that today and the option isn't there.

I have options for Sport, Map Type, Tags, and Shows. Where did activity type go (it had options for Workout, Long Run, Race)?


I found a way around this that solved my problem

I had the thought to change the Sport from Trail Run to Run, to see what it did.
Changing that caused the Run Type popup to return!
And it remained after switching Sport back to Trail Run.

Now I can set this activity to a Race for the purposes of finding these distances!
How far in was I at 7hrs 21 mins? Approx 18.4 miles. Thank you Strava!

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Couldn't you turn off "auto pause" in the run options? then the clock still goes even if you stand still.

When people are resting between sets they want to know how many minutes from their hour workout was actually running vs recovery...Moving time might be useless to you, but not to everyone.

Auto-pause does nothing for activities uploaded from other platforms (e.g. Garmin). Auto-pause only works when recording with a phone. Many Strava users never record a single activity with a phone. 

Thank you @triathlete! PLEASE show me where, in Strava, I can turn off "auto pause" so that the clock never stops. You'll forever be my hero. I've been frustrated by this for years.

if you want the app (for iOS)

after you hit record but before 'START' press the gear in the top right -> Auto-Pause -> Run Auto-Pause -> off

It would be on your watch, (or whichever recording device you use)... my garmin watch for example:
long press menu -> activities and apps -> run -> run settings -> Auto Pause (off) instead of (when stopped)

It is not how it works. Auto pause is off by default in Garmin watches. Still, Strava automatically calculates moving time on upload (sync from Garmin) and then shows moving time in the feed.

Exactly. For years my feature request has been to give me an option to never calculate moving time. I only want elapsed time.

I have auto pause off on my Garmin Forerunner 245. This works correctly on Garmin Connect, but Strava still shows a moving time that takes into account the time I was standing still. 

Auto-pause is not enabled on my watch. Perhaps you miss what I'm talking about.

I record on my watch, auto-pause not enabled.
I upload to Strava, it processes and shows two times: Moving Time and Elapsed Time. The two are different.
I want Strava to show me the elapsed time.
One way to do that is to set a run as a Race.

For some reason I cannot set this activity as a race. Therefore this post.