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Pico de Orizaba

Maybe you’ve got some extra time this weekend to explore a new part of time, perhaps you're visiting family in a new city, or you could be traveling for work and want to explore. Routes give you the freedom to utilize segments and global heatmaps or if you’d rather use recommend routes compiled by Strava to give you that plug in and go mentality. 

And now you can leave your phone at home or in your pack and not worry a bout getting lost. Thanks to new integrations with Suunto and COROS the roads (and trails) are yours! 

Suunto and COROS join our growing list of devices that allow you to seamlessly sync your Strava routes to your favorite running and cycling computers. Today we are going to talk about our two newest additions but feel free to share your stories and favorite features for any of your strava route compatible devices below. 

First up, the newest addition, Suunto tested by @Jimi . 

When traveling for work or fun I always bring my running watch and a pair of shoes. Since it is usually a new environment I like to create a few routes for some ideas of where to go exploring.

Suunto now has the ability for me to do this all in one watch. I can create my routes the morning of or the night before I go for a run, and since I like to get the most out of my runs in new areas I tend to create Strava routes that go near interesting points of interest.

After creating my route in Strava it is just a quick sync to my watch and that’s it! All I do is step out the door, open up the activity type on my watch, and select the route for that morning depending on how my travel legs are feeling (usually pretty crummy).


You can read more about this new integration here:

Strava Help Article - Syncing Strava Routes to Your Suunto Device

Next up, COROS...

Towards the end of 2021 COROS launched their integration with Strava Routes. COROS’ rugged yet sleek design lets you weather the elements and take your adventure to the next level. Not only does the battery life mean more time outside doing what you love and less time worrying about if you’ll make it down the mountain before your GPS runs out, it can be your daily wearable without needing to charge for weeks (honest!) even with a daily run or hike. I love using routes to plan out longer runs, especially if I’m towing along my kids. I also use routes when exploring new areas, particularly mountain biking where signage on a trail may not be present. And in all honesty, sometimes I just use Routes so I know how much longer till I’ve reached my destination, something about a count down that can be so motivating, only 2 more miles! The maps on the COROS are crisp and syncing is made easy.

Getting your Routes on COROS is pretty straight forward. First you open the COROS application, go to your Navigation Routes Library, find your synced Strava Route you wish to use on your watch, select ‘Sync with your Watch’. Once successful you will then be able to access the route from the watch after selecting the activity type and scrolling to settings, navigation and along the way you’ll be! The watch has the ability to zoom out and in on your route and arrows navigating you on your path. Currently only 10 routes are able to be stored on your watch at a time, so keep that in mind if you are planning a big adventure without your phone.




For more information about how to sync your Routes to COROS, check out our Help Center article:
Strava Help Article - Syncing Strava Routes to Your COROS Device 

What’s your favorite way to use Strava routes?
What are your favorite parts about Routes on devices?