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Mt. Kenya

I may be missing some existing features but I'm curious to learn if there is a way to meet like-minded individual's that are nearby to me (i.e. in my city). I travel a lot (digital nomad) and have found great joy in being part of some running clubs for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, a lot of places in the US don't have existing running clubs (that I can't find through a Google/Facebook/etc. search at least) but I'm sure there must be other runners out there that might be interested in showing a newbie around their town.

Is there a way to already do this in Strava, or could this be a way this community hub is leveraged?




Mt. Kenya

Hi Jane, I've tried the clubs before but often just come across a lot of inactive clubs. Often it is clubs that were created in the past for a specific event that is no longer used. It would be helpful if clubs were leveraged more and had continued engagement.

I use the route finding feature *a lot*. It's great. It would be helpful if you could somehow connect with others who run a similar route maybe?

Moderator Moderator

Hello @rob ,

Thanks for posting about this!  Have you tried searching for Clubs on Strava in your area?  If you're not finding a Club, you could also consider creating one.  

You mention you visit new places quite often - have you tried out the Suggested Routes feature on Mobile?  I find that especially useful for finding running routes in unfamiliar areas.  

Also check out our Points of Interest map layer.  Points of Interest are community-powered local hot spots that help you get around and make your runs, rides, and hikes safer and more fun. Hot spots could include bike shops, cafes, water fountains, restrooms, photo spots, and other popular sites where you may encounter other Athletes.

There is a separate discussion on Points of Interest here

I hope that's helpful!  Let us know if you've tried these features and if you find them useful.


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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