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Fitness graph

Mt. Kenya

Hi all,

New to the community hub but been using Strava since 2019. Mostly for running up to the point I got COVID. I was out for almost 2 years with the after effects and I now mostly ride my Peloton bike which has quite literally saved my life. I will return to running when I’ve built my fitness and lost some weight. 

My fitness graph recently went through the roof as it was registering the same activity from up to 3 different inputs (Peloton bike, TacX, Garmin watch and Garmin HRM)!! This was sometimes logging 6 or more separate sessions which caused my graph to shoot up at a staggering rate. 

I’ve now managed to work out how to get the right inputs so my graph has settled down, but it drops by a point or two every day even though I usually do 60 mins of intense activity on the bike daily. 

I thought it would stabilise but it’s shows no sign of going back up. 
Is this a bug or something? What do I need to do to get it trending up again?



Please be aware that the fitness graph isn't about fitness at all but displays your recent training load. Therefore it's normal to go down with 60 min activities per day if you had much more per day before. Besides as your power data (if you have that) and your heart rate data (if you don't have power data) come into play too it's not only the duration that decides your "fitness".