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Including kilometers

Mt. Kenya

I ride a Computrainer which requires calibration.  Every time that I ride the CT and upload to STRAVA the warm up and Calibration is not included in the total kilometers because the actual event has not started until 15 minutes of Calibration is completed.

I estimate that on every event or ride 20% of the total does not register to STRAVA.

This adds up at the end of the year.




I just switched from using a Computrainer and had the same issue.  I would just do what Jan_Mantau said above, just add a "manual activity" with the time/distance from the warm up.  A bit of a pain, but at least it would give you the stats for the record.

I have thought about a manual entry but have not done that because it shows as a separate activity in Strava.  The warm up and calibration is part of the W/Out.  Maybe I should just create a separate manually entered activity using a constant 6 km / warm up.  This will boost my Veloviewer stats but WTH.  Not a great solution but perhaps the best one.  


You could add a manual activity or you could write to the Computrainer people to upload 2 rides or one complete ride.

Computrainer ceased to exist when ZWIFT was introduced so there is no one to contact.  Racermate was the original company but I have no idea what they are doing.  Even when there was someone the CS people were burn out weirdos.

The story goes that ZWIFT initially approached CT about working with CT but Racermate declined.  We all know the story from there.