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Resolved! Community Hub App

I’m pleased the Hub exists, but being purely in a browser is limiting the experience.   I suggest you consider either a Strava Community App or an extension to the core App.   The extension could be a new tab via You (alongside Progress, Activities, ...

BryanC by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Survey Pop-Up

I got prompted to take a survey on my community hub experience... so, I happily provided it... the problem is, since giving that feedback I've been prompted 3 more times!  Does it not have a mechanism to know that I've already completed feedback?  Th...

Resolved! Replies being deleted as spam

I replied to three or four threads this morning, and every single one of my replies has been marked as spam and deleted. Each post actually appears fine immediately after posting, but if I refresh the page I get a message that it has been deleted bec...

zecanard by Kilimanjaro
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Resolved! Don't say delivered when you mean delivering

ideas should be implemented and allowed to evolve with further feedback. Do not suggest you have done and finished a change and that is enough. e.gAdding a poor feature for organising routes does not constitute a reasonable 'delivered' phrase and sug...

Amritt by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Default notification settings - how to reduce volume

The default notification settings on this community hub are absolutely insane! I started getting notifications and emails for things as simple as signing in. I got a welcome back badge, another notification for giving kudos, a third for giving kudos ...

mike by Shkhara
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Resolved! How do Community Hub ideas lead to product changes?

What features proposed here were introduced last 12 months? When I hear about "sharing post workout video on snapchat feature" but having "commute" but no "training" label available for swimming - I wonder if the discussion here leads to a change.

AM by Shkhara
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Make it easy to set my location on support site

I have no clue how to change my location. It keeps showing "Mont Blanc" despite me setting my "location" in "My Settings"/"Personal"/"Personal Information". Where is "Mont Blanc" coming from? I'm not in France or Italy...really!

wookasz by Shkhara
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